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Anyone who has an understanding of SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) or struggled to achieve those highly sought after top results and rankings, will know it is a constant race to stay that one step ahead of your competition.

As SEO Sepcialists, seo agency in London, we’ve put together some ‘top tips’ (5 to be exact!) to give you a head start to beat the rest to the finish line… A.K.A, achieving that top spot.

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Sometimes, its easy to get lost in the numbers of Facebook, and celebrating every milestone as you hit it. 10….then 100….soon you’ve hit 1000 fans and before you know it you have more fans than you know what to do with!

The key to real Facebook success; is not focusing on the number of fans (although of course; that is handy for engagement and your Edgerank rating – providing they are all ‘active’ on your page.) but what to do with the fans you actually already have.

Here is our guide to making the most of the Facebook Fans you already have. Read more »

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There is a lot of buzz of late on how companies can gain more attention on Facebook and increase their Fan numbers at the click of their fingers, and how to engage with those fans once they have them. Of course, that is always the first step – but how do you take it that one step further? How do you use that momentum and actually achieve some real-life revenue from your fans?

Follow our three steps below, to convert your Facebook Fans into actual paying customers: Read more »

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Tis’ almost the season to be jolly; and with us all being so jolly, it is also the season for increased social engagement!

At this time of year, we all celebrate of course with our friends and family in person, however now – with Social Media becoming an increasingly large part of our lives and Business becoming more and more informal and ‘friend’ like in its engagement, people will want to celebrate with you too.

Put simply, Social Media drives Holiday e-commerce, so here is how you and your little elves can stay on top of your competition:  Read more »

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Linkedin have faced a lot of new changes over the past year with the overall plan to simplify their pages for both users and companies; and “hurrah”, they have achieved exactly that with their new look launched this Fall. We’ve put together the key changes Linkedin have implemented, and the key areas you need to focus on for your design of your new look Company page.

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c2 furniture

Ecommerce Website Design, Ecommerce SEO

C2 Furniture are an e-commerce company with a range of stylish and swish furniture and accessory products; with a key focus on their ‘Chat Board’ units. They wanted a website design that was as cutting edge as the products they wanted to promote.

With pictures speaking a thousand words, Codastar put together a pale palette of colours for the overall theme, letting the brightly coloured ‘Chat Boards’ stand out and catch their customers attention from the offset.

With a product that sells itself, the website was kept slick and simple, with clear tabs for usability and individual items with key information on the product.

With every aspect pieced together and clever content and coding; this e-commerce website design is efficient and easy to use, ensuring that it is not only fully optimised for SEO and online marketing strategies, but for its key purpose in existing – Sales. With easy to navigate and cleverly constructed pages; users can not only find the products they are looking for – but are also encouraged to further explore this online store, maximising their ROI and online engagement.

Across each page Codastar have placed firm calls-to-action and contact details, including social media integrations for cross platform use and overall brand awareness.

From content to coding, Codastar have put together a website with the ‘wow’ factor, much like the products it presents .

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NutryPOS Software

Nutrypos is at the forefront of Point-of-Sale (POS) Technology, developed by the food industry, for the food industry; providing consumers and customers with detailed nutritional advice for any business of any size. As an e-commerce website (selling software subscriptions to their product), their website is of the utmost of importance in their arsenel of sales and marketing tools.

Owner and Founder, Sergio, approached Codastar web design london with a vision for his product and his website, wanting something as cutting edge as his product.

As you can see below, Codastar leapt at the challenge, providing a complete website overhaul, from colour to coding to content.

With a product that really does speak for itself, Codastar wanted to put together a website that showcased its unique features and selling points, enabling users a clear navigational path through the website; minimising its ‘bounce rate’ and maximising its engagement and multi page viewing.

The ‘Home Page’ consists of clear calls-to-action and contact details, with scrolling images and information drawing in their customers from the offset.

Each page is completely user friendly and self explanatory, all of which featuring external links to Nutrypos’ social networks, encouraging and optimising cross platform conversation for the brand.

With clear concise branding, and an eye-catching colour theming – Codastar have ensured the ultimate in website success stories for a sales system ready to revolutionise the industry as they know it.

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First Facebook, now Linkedin and Twitter – Social Media Networks have gone Banner-Picture-crazy!

With their latest update; Twitter have taken to their towers and launched a new look banner image for your page – making a visually vivacious page even more important for your business when succeeding online.

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ecommerce website design

If you’re a small UK business seeking to break out of your market niche into more sales, the first thing you’ll need is an e-commerce website design model organised around a sensible SEO approach. ‘SEO’ is one of those abbreviations among a vast number of ‘cyber terms,’ but if you don’t learn any, learn that one: It stands for ‘search engine optimimsation’.

SEO — The opposite of ‘shut everything out’…

With the millions and millions of web pages competing ‘in the wild’ for Google’s (and other search engines’) attention, SEO is analogous to a magnet with its positive pole seeking to attract a search engine’s negative pole. The web designer (and contributing bloggers) have to achieve a design balance between sufficient text content and a user interface that takes the potential client right to the product or service with graphic based information, videos et.

The SEO ‘magnetism’ is via the search result page and is through a judicious use of words and phrases. Those words and phrases are the keywords on the website and they have already been tracked by search engines as the ones customers typically use when doing the millions and millions of web searches for products, services and information. So, text content still matters!

Judicious SEO vs. overstuffing

Repeating SEO terms over and over in any web site in an attempt to gain a high place on a Google search page won’t work. In fact, in an article on Search Engine Land last March, ‘Google’s Matt Cutts announced that Google is working on a search ranking penalty for sites that are “over-optimised” or “overly SEO’ed”‘. The idea is to give web sites with the best content a better chance of a higher ranking than sites that go overboard with SEO.

Content integration is better.

Any understanding on web marketing has to be based on design integration that includes sensible SEO and how social media (Facebook, etc.) helps ‘stir the pot’ in a more prominent web presence. Once a website starts drawing customers, the web site has to display its wares in a way that will take the customer directly to the product or service that the SEO term attracted and close the deal with a user-friendly interface that doesn’t scare the customer off.

Where Facebook fits in…

Facebook design specialists know that this worldwide social platform can serve as a fantastic ‘mini-website’ that hooks new customers and their friends.  Facebook can also be a platform for ‘high-end’ graphics with banners and a dynamic time line design that displays your company history and accomplishments. You can embed content-rich media and apps and for added value integrate Facebook with feeds from your main website.

Where we come in..

Codastar can be your partner and guide to an optimised web presence. Contact us and see how our expertise in creating a strong online presence can help you increase sales