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First Facebook, now Linkedin and Twitter – Social Media Networks have gone Banner-Picture-crazy!

With their latest update; Twitter have taken to their towers and launched a new look banner image for your page – making a visually vivacious page even more important for your business when succeeding online.

Your New Banner Image.

Your banner image will appear (as it implies) across the top of your profile page on Twitter.  It essentially, serves as a backdrop for your main account information; including your profile image, username, bio, location and link.

As you can see from our own Twitter Banner; your main information is now easily viewed by anyone clicking on your page.

First things first, before worrying about your ‘backdrop’ – the key is to have the correct information featured in your box to begin with – before you start with an other design work.

Twitter page design

Look at your page with your (currently) plain Banner, and see how your bio/information reads and sits on the page. Note, that your Twitter header doesn’t have any content limitations like the Facebook Cover Image; so don’t feel like you have to squeeze everything into the limited characters provided. Additions can be anything from web addresses, email addresses, special offers or themed pictures (seasonal ones work a treat on Twitter), plus any hastags or promotions you regularly use.

Once you have your bio/website et al completely up to date, next step is consider your design options to fully maximise the space you have to gain the most attention (for all the right reasons, of course!).

Designing Your Page.

The concepts, colours and combinations you can have for your profile background/profile photo/banner are endless, and when pieced together correctly, quite simply create a socially sensational jigsaw that will catch even the most infrequent of Tweeter’s attention.

Here are a few ideas that we’ve put together to get your creative juices flowing!

1. Use a single photo (as a profile image) to show the world who you are. For small businesses/sole traders, this is great for that ‘personal touch’, showing everyone that there is a friendly, lovely person on the end of your brand. Then, use your background to reflect your business, brand, products, services….the limit here really is endless. A casual shot of the office, a selection of cupcakes fresh from the oven, an array of colourful clothing and accessories…. this strategy is great for a black and white “this is me and this is what I do” approach to social networking.

2. Use your background image to show a photo that will inspire your users and community. Use a single photo that inspires your community. This is a fantastic design opportunity for charities and non-profit organisations; or if your company is working on a particular project that really helps people see the benefit of what it is that you do.

3. Use a larger image, and strategically/artistically place a profile photo overlapping, creating a ‘single image’ effect on your banner. When done correctly this can look incredibly effective (a rather noteable Facebook page used a similar idea for their banner image; recreating a “Where’s Wally” type group shot, with himself neatly placed in his profile dressed as Wally himself).

4. If you have a range of products or services, why not create a collage? Our twitter page (as above) has taken elements of this idea to showcase our work as a design agency, and clients we have worked with. This strategy allows your banner to convey multiple messages about your brand, without being too ‘stuffy’ and overwhelming in text.

5. If you are feeling particularly creative, or are working in a particularly creative industry – why not go all out and create a banner image with graphics and illustrations? This looks great if as above, you integrate your profile picture into the overall look of the banner with a stand out logo for your business. This option also gives great scope for additional text shown in a more ‘outside the box’ manner, rather than listing one point after another.

If you are interested in learning more about Twitter Banner design, or would like to recreate and redesign your other social networks, why not contact us? We can create completely bespoke designs and banners – check out our portfolio to see a range of our work and happy clientele!



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