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Every one in five minutes someone spends on their mobile device is spent on either Facebook or Instagram. Both Facebook and Instagram are extremely powerful social media platforms as your content is easy to see and interact with, they are user-friendly and great marketing tools.

Using both platforms can be highly beneficial for you business, ad campaigns do well on Facebook and Instagram and encourage growth in your reach and engagement. In 2015 Facebook bought Instagram and now you are able to run ad campaigns on a single interface. This can save a lot of time setting them up as well as monitoring them, you are able to control and survey all your campaigns at once.

Business Manager

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Business Manager allows you to access pages and ad accounts from social media all in one place. It’s a Facebook tool, but you are able to use it to run Instagram adverts too. Once you are logged into business manager, you are able to add all of your Facebook pages as well as Instagram accounts, you can claim pages you own and request access to pages also. Business Manager allows you to monitor and make changes to everything on both platforms in one place.


If you’re already on Business Manager then you’ll need to head over to business settings. This will lead you to ad accounts, here is where you’re able to claim business pages on Facebook and add your Instagram account. Once you’ve added your pages & accounts you are able to click the link on to them and create ad’s – located in the top right-hand corner.

Creating ad’s on Business Manager is simple, they do a lot of the work for you. One of the most attractive things about using this tool is being able to choose your objectives. You have the following options to choose from:


It’s important to think about your objective before you choose one. What’s going to benefit you the most and what is the purpose of your planned campaign? Business Manager has a wide range of options to suit almost everyone broken down into specific categories of; Awareness, Consideration and Conversion. It’s important to remember, not every single objective option is suitable for Instagram. If you select an option that isn’t compatible, you will not be able to run that ad on Instagram but will still be able to set it up for Facebook.

After you’ve decided your objective you’ll have to choose your ad set. Depending on which objective you have chosen, this could be broken down differently. Ad set is where you can choose a target audience, budget, schedule, placements and more. This allows you to personalise your campaign and make it work the best it can for your business. Finally, you’re able to create your ad and choose how you’d like it to look. Here you have the option of a single video, single image or multiple (carousel) images.

After you have made your final decisions, it’s time to run your ad. You are able to come back to Business Manager at any time to view your ad’s performance, you’re also able to extend ad campaigns if you feel it’s doing well and would like to continue. Thanks to Business Manager, setting up ad campaigns is easier than ever. Once you are confident with setting up campaigns, you’re able to set up multiple ad sets. This can be a huge time-saver if you have a lot of ads to run or have many different Facebook pages.

It is important to note: if you are not using Business Manager’s Ad Creation and are using Power Editor, you are still able to run Instagram ads as well as Facebook ads.


More than 1.8 Billion people use Facebook and over 500 million people use the Instagram app monthly. Advertising on these platforms has the potential to dramatically improve your reach, engagement, website visits and even sales. It’s simple to set up, non-time consuming and your ads are optimised for you, ensuring they reach the highest possible amount of users.

60% of Instagram users say they discover new products on the app, a further 45% take action after being inspired to by a post. Your product could be the next thing they discover.

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