GDRP Compllaince for your website, hassle-free:

  • We know what to do. Not every website requires the same level of compliance. We advise on the options and processes to implement.
  • Privacy Policies & Cookies This is essential and we can provide you with the framework suited for your website.
  • SSL Certificates Websites need to run on https and not http. We setup, configure SSL certificates and handle all the crucial Google related work.
  • WordPress. We are WordPress experts and can turn your WordPress based website into full compliance without disruptions.
  • Other Platforms. Of course, we deal with all kind of websites and platforms and upgrade them to full GDPR compliance.
  • Newsletter. We can help you work out how to handle newsletters and data compliance.
  • Time savings. Once we assessed what needs doing and you approve it, we can implement it all.
  • Customer Satisfaction We have an outstanding track record and attract new business from satisfied clients’ recommendations and referrals
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