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Sometimes, its easy to get lost in the numbers of Facebook, and celebrating every milestone as you hit it. 10….then 100….soon you’ve hit 1000 fans and before you know it you have more fans than you know what to do with!

The key to real Facebook success; is not focusing on the number of fans (although of course; that is handy for engagement and your Edgerank rating – providing they are all ‘active’ on your page.) but what to do with the fans you actually already have.

Here is our guide to making the most of the Facebook Fans you already have.


Facebook fans

Keep it Fresh.

Imagine walking past your favourite clothes shop, and every time you passed, whatever time of year, the store front and displays were always exactly the same. Same products, same ranges, same everything. Rather boring isn’t it? Now imagine that of a Facebook Page. If all you saw was the same old-same old every time you clicked; why would you keep clicking?

By adding fresh content regularly, you give your fans reasons to keep coming back time and time again. The aim of the game here is ‘Consistency’, and can be done with very little effort if you play it smart.

By using plug in’s and widgets; you can ensure that every time you upload a video to Youtube, photo to Flickr, or Blog Post to your website it is posted straight to your wall. With a few extra posts inbetween, you have yourself a fully functional and fresh page for ever fan that comes to visit.

Give them Something They Can’t get Anywhere Else.

Adding value to your existing fan’s live is relatively simple once you already have their ‘like’ and have access to your full page. The first step in realising the above, is remember your USP’s as a brand. What is it about you, that makes you, well.. you?

Once you have an idea of what your selling point is to the masses (and lets face it, its something you should already know inside and out!) its time to offer them something they can’t get anywhere else.

“Facebook Specials” can come in a variety of forms; VIP access to new services or products before they hit the ‘commercial’ market, free shipping just for Facebook Fans, a weekly/monthly special promotion.

This is great to tie in with new fans too; as first-time visitors can be immediately directed to an exclusive offer landing page, further incentivising new and old fans alike.

On top of the ‘specials’, remember to give a bit of insider information as you go. Fans who feel like they know ‘you’ as a brand, are more likely to remain faithful and tell their friends. Whether its behind the scenes looks at the office, or votes on a new menu or clothing item; giving your fans the chance to feel like ‘insiders’ makes them feel like they hold a stake in your company too.

Contests & Competitions.

A fantastic way to ‘give a little extra’ to your Facebook Fans, is provide them with exclusive and enticing contests and competitions.

The key in competitions and contest is of course creating a platform of interaction with your fans, about something other than anything too ‘sales’ related.

The first thing you need to be aware of for such marketing activities is Facebook’s guidelines related to such activity, requiring contests to run via an embedded app/tab rather than on the page wall, for example. (For further information about custom facebook app development and design work, we are here to help of course!)

Image led competitions are always a marketing winner, encouraging users to upload their own photos to the page and get creative. Be it a fancy dress competition, or a ‘placement’ contest (a photo of a distinctive product of yours in the most random and creative of places!), people love to use their imagination and have a bit of fun, so give them a reason to do so!

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