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NutryPOS Software

Nutrypos is at the forefront of Point-of-Sale (POS) Technology, developed by the food industry, for the food industry; providing consumers and customers with detailed nutritional advice for any business of any size. As an e-commerce website (selling software subscriptions to their product), their website is of the utmost of importance in their arsenel of sales and marketing tools.

Owner and Founder, Sergio, approached Codastar web design london with a vision for his product and his website, wanting something as cutting edge as his product.

As you can see below, Codastar leapt at the challenge, providing a complete website overhaul, from colour to coding to content.

With a product that really does speak for itself, Codastar wanted to put together a website that showcased its unique features and selling points, enabling users a clear navigational path through the website; minimising its ‘bounce rate’ and maximising its engagement and multi page viewing.

The ‘Home Page’ consists of clear calls-to-action and contact details, with scrolling images and information drawing in their customers from the offset.

Each page is completely user friendly and self explanatory, all of which featuring external links to Nutrypos’ social networks, encouraging and optimising cross platform conversation for the brand.

With clear concise branding, and an eye-catching colour theming – Codastar have ensured the ultimate in website success stories for a sales system ready to revolutionise the industry as they know it.

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