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YouTube is an ideal platform for businesses of all sizes because it’s easy to use, free and has a huge audience and active community.

Many large companies use YouTube really well as part of their online communications strategy. But don’t be intimidated if you own a small or medium sized business, because with the right help and knowledge you can still have success with YouTube-hosted video content.


1. Customise your channel

Above is a screenshot from the YouTube channel of London-based online retailer, Firebox. The small company has set up a YouTube channel which is very simple but incorporates the business’ key colours, branding, logo and menu bar.

Contact a web team who can build something slick and professional looking which is in keeping with the rest of your online properties.

2. Engage with other YouTubers

It may take some time to start conversation in the comments sections of your videos, so actively go and talk to other small businesses or users elsewhere that might be interesting to you or interested in your product.

This could mean that you write a few comments underneath some videos that look relevant and add your own opinions, or just “like” a few other videos at the very least as a way to start getting involved.

3. Organise all of your content

Below is a screenshot of the YouTube channel of UK-based homeware company B&Q. As you can see in the right hand sidebar of the page, B&Q doesn’t just have lots of random video content in a long stream, instead the channel has lots of playlists, like “how to guides” and “Kristie Allsopp’s Christmas Tips”. Playlists are basically a selection of videos that are grouped together to make them much easier to navigate, watch and keep organised.


4. Think about tags and titles

Just like you’d use certain keywords on your website so people can more easily find what they’re looking for when they’re searching, you need to do the same when it comes to YouTube videos. Use titles that are explanatory and include the keywords of what you’re talking about and use tags wisely too, picking out five to ten main topics.

This way the right people are much more likely to find what they’re looking for and view your content.

5. Promote videos elsewhere

All of B&Q’s “how to” videos are also promoted in a special section of the website which has more detailed pdf how to guides and links to products. This is a great way of integrating video content into your website.

It’s also worth using social media to promote your content too, so make sure to make your tweets and Facebook updates as compelling as possible so people are more likely to share them among their networks.

6. Consider promoted videos

We’ve explored how to use promoted YouTube video in depth on the blog before, so if you’re wanting to kick start your YouTube presence it may be worth taking steps into promoting your content using the YouTube ad platform.

7. See what else is going on in the community

We’ve already suggested that you engage with other YouTubers, but it’s also worth having a good look at other videos. Take a look at how other businesses of your size and in your sector are producing content and then look at really popular YouTubers to get a better grasp of what makes compelling, sharable content on the platform.

8. Find your niche

There are plenty of businesses and individuals that adopt the same approach when it comes to YouTube, whether that’s guides, reviews or walk throughs of products or services. Although some of these tried and tested tactics work very well for some, the most popular videos are those that are a little different. We can’t tell you what your niche is, but the more you research, experiment and understand the YouTube community the closer you’ll be to finding out what it is!

To find out more about why YouTube is important for you or to talk to us about anything from designing a simple background to helping you produce all of your video content, then get in touch with one of the Codastar team today and we’d be happy to go through everything with you.

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    Thanks for giving such a useful information regarding you tube. Actually It has never came in my mind that you tube can be used for business purpose.Using you tube we can get many resources needed for business. It can be used to promote small business.


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