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Whichever the medium of marketing, there seems to be a distinct process that is followed since the dawn of time (well, ‘web’ time anyway) and leads us all to the same result over and over again – adding value is key.

Whether its your Pinterests or your Instagrams, E-marketing or remarketing, it follows the same cycle. A new technology or platform becomes popular, Marketers jump on board, and before long said platform becomes ‘noisy’ increasing competition, forcing marketers to switch their process from the “sell-market-sell” to the more “softly-softly-add value-instead” approach. The ‘noise’ is filtered, and you are left with the companies that really are making your life a little more fulfilled.

‘Amazon’ is a great example of this. Back in the early days of marketing, we rejoiced the “other things you might like” email. It felt personal and relevant, we clicked, we spent. It was simple and effective. However, before long there were e-tailers springing up here there and everywhere, and before long our inbox’s were awash with e-noise. Amazon continued to stand out of course, and before long the others followed suit with similar algorithms and recommendations.

Of course, the issue we face with social media, is that any sort of targeting is largely thrown out the virtual window. Messages, posts and tweets can’t be targeted or sculpted to fit one niché or audience, its everyone, all the time. So how do you add mass value using Social Media?

Here are a few tips we’ve put together to help along the way:

Mix it Up.

Customer Service.

Have you ever phoned a customer line, heard annoying music and been told by a robotic voice that “your call will be answered shortly”? Have you ever been so frustrated with a product or service that you have turned to Social Media to vent? With the whole world digitalising their thoughts and frustrations, it is more important than ever to provide the ‘wow’ factor with your customer service. Make yourself stand out with quick responses and helpful suggestions. Even if they aren’t your customers yet, (‘yet’ being the operative word!) first impressions count, and use social media to make a great one.

Backstage Passes.

Everyone loves a glimpse ‘behind the scenes’ and Social Media is your way of giving your clientele just that. Personality counts (as we covered in an article not so long ago) and not to sound cliché, but people really do buy from people. We turn to companies we like and trust, and social media gives you the perfect window to showcase ‘you’.

Developing another dimension to your customer relationship not only will help them humanize you and your brand, but will increase customer loyalty ten fold.

Have some fun, post photos, include humorous (but on topic) posts, wish Holiday Greetings, partake in hashtags. When followed in the right manner, it really does pay off.

Opinion Matters.

Want to make your followers/friends feel extra special? People love to be included and asked for opinions. Ask for volunteers for a focus group, or a selection of people to trial a new product and service. Speak to social Influencer’s in your area and get those involved too.

The insight gained will be invaluable to your business, as well as standing out from ‘most other companies in a similar industry. From your customer’s point of view, you’ll make them feel valued and special, which as customer experiences go – we’d say that’s pretty invaluable in itself!

Gain Trust and Filter.

As mentioned earlier in this post, there is a lot of social noise out there, and for those interested in a particular field or industry, it can be a nightmare trying to keep track of all the news and happenings in the world. Curate your content to help your customers and followers find the most interesting and relevant information, sift out the nonsense and keep up to the (sometimes) minute with what you have to say.

Also, keep an eye out for questions and queries, if a follower/friend seems lost, jump in with a proverbial social map and point them in the right direction of what it is they need.

In doing so, you will build up a reputation as a trustworthy source, and be viewed not only as friendly, but a fountain of knowledge in your field – a reputation that is crucial in any online campaign.

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