5 Ways to Bring Your Brand Bang Up-to-Date.

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After 25 years, Microsoft have had a bit of a makeover, ditching the leg warmers and ‘Choose Life’ t-shirts of yesteryear and opted for a sleek and shiny new overhaul. (Okay, so it wasn’t that much of a change…but we all like to build up a bit of drama now and then….!)

Adding Social Value as a Brand.

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Whichever the medium of marketing, there seems to be a distinct process that is followed since the dawn of time (well, ‘web’ time anyway) and leads us all to the same result over and over again – adding value is key.

How to Humanize your Brand when using Social Media

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More than likely, you, as a business are involved in social media in one way or another, whether you’re exclusive to one medium or dabble in a bit of them all. And it is generally considered quite easy to fill up 140 characters or similar with *something* and send it off into the big wide…

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