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If you’ve been on YouTube recently, you might have noticed a few little differences, that will ultimately make a difference in your user experience. “But how will it do that?” we hear you ask, followed by a “surely it won’t make a massive difference to our business…will it?”. Actually, it will probably make more of a difference than you think…..

First things first, here are some images of the changes you will see (or have already seen!) in coming weeks:  yutube channel designyoutube designer

Of course, there are pro’s and con’s for all updates that any social platform implements  however with this one, we see little other than a positive change for your business use and customer experience.


When it comes to engaging on YouTube, it has always been a little hit and miss. With so many odd and obscure user names, it is hard to know the friend from the foe. However with featured names (and a further link in to Google+ in the long run) engagement is not longer ‘bot-like’, but with a real life person on the end. The use of names and interacting on this more personal level not only humanizes YouTube to a level it has not had before, but it  also ensures that your engagement is ‘genuine’, providing a real opportunity in building a real relationship with potential customers.


Previously, it was all too easy for a social media “Troll” to poke their nasty heads out from under their bridge just to cause a kerfuffle on whichever social site that takes their fancy (or of course, a crafty competitor trying to throw a spanner into your well-oiled works!). Now, with the use of ‘real names’ it is near-on impossible to create fake profiles left-right-and-centre purely for the joys of jeering and jabbing for the “fun” (?!) of it. Comments will reduce from snide spammy, to sweet and sociable, which in business, is always nice to see.

It is also a great opportunity to show the authenticity of your following and reach on your social network, leaving those that opt for the ‘black hat’ buying option lost from the loop and looking rather worse for wear and, lets face it….rather silly.

Customer Service.

An added bonus to the authenticity of postings, is that you will be able to actually help and support your customers with any particular problem they may have. Queries and questions can be read and responded to without question of the reality of the poster. For example, if you post a ‘how to’ video guide for building furniture (a feat many of us have found ourselves failing with we are sure!), the likelihood is comments could contain issues with the product (delivery/parts missing) or perhaps an issue with the installation. You are now able to respond to said person confidently, and address and issues, giving you an added avenue for providing positive customer service. 

 It’s all about “you”.

Youtube really have gotten it right this time. In dire need of a good refresh of its ways, it has not only caught up with the other social sites, but it has solidified the use of Google’s attempt in streamlining their email/g+ users into one slick log-in and name. Okay, so everyone hasn’t quite jumped on the G+ train just yet, but lets face it, with super moves like this, it won’t be long before we are all heading to destination Google.

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