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There are lots of different options if you want to create a website for your business.

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However, WordPress is the most popular web publishing software because it’s easy to use, it’s very SEO friendly and most importantly it looks professional.

Many people see WordPress as a blogging platform when really it’s often used to build very demanding websites that get a lot of traffic, need to look perfect and are integral to businesses.

From small businesses to global brands, WordPress is used to make slick websites, magazines and blogs.

Just look at these great examples:

The Open University and organic product company Pure Bubble use WordPress to power their websites:

Four in Ten Screenshot Pure Bubble Screenshot

General Electric and Asda use WordPress for their magazines and news sites:

General Electric Screenshot

Finally, eBay and Playstation use WordPress for blogging:

eBay Screenshot Playstation Screenshot

WordPress offers a free service for individual bloggers, but professional companies need to have a website which is linked to their domain name. To do this a developer or web team will have to set up a “blank install” of WordPress for you.

This means that you’re on track to creating whatever you’d like, whether that’s a professional website or company magazine. But, it does take a lot of work to turn it into your own, the inital website looks very bland and boring. This is why it’s important to speak to a web developer about your specific requirements.

There are many advantages of using WordPress to power your website:


Many people refer to WordPress as the “iPhone for the web” which means that the advanced software enables you to download plugins, which is the same as downloading an application to your iPhone.
These plugins enable you to do a number of things instantly, such as set up a photo gallery, create a contact form or add special functionality to your site.

Hecklerspray ScreenshotSocial media enabled

WordPress is good for integrating your social media platforms, such as widgets for your Twitter stream and plugins for Facebook “Like” buttons.

This is an example of a Facebook “Like” plugin which also shows the avatars of all the people who also “Like” the page and displays people you’re friends with at the top.


Once you’ve spoken with a web developer or designer and have explained your specific needs, the WordPress software will allow them to make all kinds of changes, from adding a few new pages to your website to completely overhauling the design and functionality.

For more information about how WordPress can work for you, then get in touch with a member of the Codastar team.

We’re a specialist group of individuals who have a great deal of experience when it comes to building, designing and maintaining professional and effective websites.

Images via The Open University, Pure Bubble, General Electric, Asda, eBay, Playstation and Hecklerspray.

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