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There are many reasons why original and unique content is important when you’re setting up a website or maintaining a regular blog.

Firstly, Google knows when you have re-published content, then there’s also a range of software available to find duplicate content elsewhere, regardless of the size of your website or where in the world you’re based and finally it could seriously damage your business’ reputation.


Google will find out and it will affect search rankings

Google has special systems in place to find duplicate content. This is important because there are so many websites and blogs that take content from all over the internet and simply re-publish it. Therefore, it’s vital to Google that these kinds of websites don’t rank highly in search results as they don’t add any value and would make Google’s system look flawed.

However, many companies don’t think this is something that could affect them and experience a drop in search rankings without realising it could be because they’re using content from elsewhere.

Obviously lifting content from somewhere else in the hope that the original author won’t notice is something Google will recognise instantly.

However, that’s not the only problem. If you have multiple websites and blogs, even if they all legally belong to you, re-publishing content from one website to the next will be deemed as duplicate content as well and could also affect your Google rankings.

Many companies try and get around this problem by taking content from elsewhere and simply re-writing sentences here and there. Although this may work in some cases, in a recent blog post Ampheon quotes a Google employee who states that the search engine’s system is becoming more advanced and can even spot content that is highly similar too.

This is why unique content is important, no matter where you’re creating it for.

Software will find duplicate content

There is also a range of software that many companies use in order to check whether content is being used elsewhere. One of the most popular is Copyscape, which simply requires anyone to enter a piece of text, which the programme will then check against millions of websites and blogs.

Your reputation could be damaged

Not only could duplicate content affect your search rankings, pushing your website lower and lower down Google, but if a user notices your content is copied from elsewhere your reputation could be seriously damaged.

If a user is a potential customer you may lose business, if they have a big network of friends they could put off others from approaching your company and they could even write about your wrong doings on a blog or Twitter account, putting your mistake out into the public domain.

Here at Codastar we can help so you don’t come up against any of these problems. Whether you want one of our copywriters to help you create unique content or just want some advice about how Google works, then get in touch.

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