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With LinkedIn by far the most popular ‘professional’ social network for business and with over 100 million members, its not hard to see why.  And with two great new features in the near future to keep us as interested as ever.  So, with the excited soon to be launched additions, here is everything you need to know and how to maximise both to your advantage:

Targeted Updates.

Targeted updates is going to be a great tool in your ‘LinkedIn’ arsenal, making it easy to tailor your posts and message to specific audiences, thus increasing customer engagement. In Layman’s terms? It enables you to share the right content with the right people.

As company admin, you can already post updates from your company, new product launch, customer surveys, up and coming events, you get the idea. The content is varied and essentially, unorganised to those following. Think of Amazon as a great example, you may follow the company, and enjoy purchasing special edition Oscar Wilde hardbacks. However their launch of Justin Bieber kitchenwear might not quite take your fancy. Not all of this information will be interesting to everyone that follows.

Now, linkedin new tools


With Targeted Updates, you will be able to select ‘Target Audience’, then tailor your post accordingly. You can target based on industry, job function, geographical location, and more. Those that match your selected criteria will see your update on their homepage timeline, where they can comment, share, and spread your message among other potential interested parties.

You can target based on Industry, Seniority, Job Function, Company Size, and more. Followers who match your criteria will see your update on their homepage, where they can comment, share, and spread your message.

Although the posts will only show on the home pages of your choice, all status updates will still be fully visible on your main LinkedIn company page, regardless if they were in the original targeted audience or not.

So what happens next? Well, this brings us nicely to exciting update number two:

Follower Statistics. 

24 hours after you have posted an update, admins will be able to view post specific metrics, with data including number of followers targeted, impressions, shares and much more, as well as reviewing the post’s original criteria. 


linkedin statistics

How This Can Benefit Business.

Social Media will always be a fantastic tool as part of your marketing strategy for business. As with all of the networks of course, it can only be deemed a success if it is personalised, targeted, and most importantly – quantifiable.

Segmenting your audience in such a way brings LinkedIn bang up to date and in full competition with the other networks, especially so with the introduction of analytic type software, which has been available on other prominent pages for quite some time.

According to a recent (internal) study, examples have shown a 66% increase in audience engagement as a result of targeted updates. This proves that better results are easily achievable when using these tools as part of your ongoing marketing strategy. Not only this, you have the ability to tailor and hone your decisions on the basis of data and reports, to ensure that your plan morphs along side ever changing demographics and social interest, keeping your business at the top of the food chain.

Use this new information to create targeted campaigns for your audience. Use existing data already collated using other marketing tools (such as email marketing and customer database) to fuel your knowledge of your selected audience. Ensure you are appealing to the problems/needs/interests of your groups, and create content that will engage accordingly.

With this new knowledge to hand – there is no reason that your LinkedIn campaign (whether you are new to the field or not) shouldn’t have a flying start, and start achieving great and better results for your business in the near and distant future!

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