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Google is a global search engine, but increasingly search professionals are noticing that more and more people are using Google for smaller, local searches.

Instead of just searching for “restaurant” which would show millions of results, users search for “restaurant London”  or something more specific like “restaurant Kensington and Chelsea” or something even more specific, like “restaurant Notting Hill”.

It’s estimated that 25% of computer searches for products and services are location specific and 60% are from mobile platforms, so it’s important for businesses to be aware of the way people are searching locally and use this to your advantage.

You can see the links to local Place Pages as well as a map show up near the top of Google searches:


In order to take advantage of this and help people find the most relevant products or services in their area, businesses need to optimise their Google Places page.

A Google Places page is in many ways just like a business listing and as a business owner you’re able to add content to your listing, such as general information like opening times, photos and videos and even coupons and deals. In this way you’re ensuring the listing is fully-optimised for if someone searches for a business like yours.

Here’s the place page for Rossopomodoro, a restaurant in Notting Hill:


Google Places listings often appear above regular search results, meaning you have a higher chance of someone clicking through to your website, so if you dont have a big SEO budget, considering your Google Places page first would be a great step in the right direction.

Here at Codastar we offer Google Place page optimisation, which we can make sure is live within two working days, ensuring that your business is listed high on the first page of Google search results.

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