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When we first talk with clients about using social media, they often worry they would need to be updating their social media accounts individually, even if they want to post the same information on all of them.

However, this isn’t necessarily the case.

There are plenty of ways to link up your accounts, so if you want to tell everyone about your latest offering, you don’t have to write the information in each of your networks separately, you can do it in one go!


Here are just a few of the key ways to link up your social platforms:

Blog posts to Twitter

If you’re using WordPress you can talk to your web team about adding a special add-on or plug-in which will automatically send your blog posts to Twitter.

You can also import your blog’s RSS feed into a service like Hootsuite.

Tweets to your blog

Again, you can talk with your web team and get them to add a special Twitter widget will which display your tweets in any way you like.

Alternatively you can visit the Twitter website, which has its own set of widgets and plug-ins.

Blog posts to Facebook

You can send your blog posts to Facebook in many ways, but the easiest is probably by using the Networked Blogs app, which lets you promote your own blog and discover new ones.

Blog posts to Linkedin

Linkedin has its own BlogLink and WordPress applications which really quickly let you link your blog up with your account.

Linkedin updates to Twitter

Again, Linkedin has a special app which lets you add your Tweets to the platform.

Facebook updates to Twitter

There’s a special app on Facebook called Facebook to Twitter, which lets you selectively link up all kinds of activity.

YouTube videos to Facebook and Twitter

Underneath your YouTube videos you’ll see dedicated buttons that allow you to share to both Facebook and Twitter whenever you please.

If you’d rather use a dedicated service, then try browsing through our special guides to Tweetdeck, Hootsuite and Seesmic.

The key point to remember is that you need to try introducing some of these little tricks and see how they work for you, if it seems much too forced then you can try to tweak the way everything links together until your social updates are right for your brand.

To talk to us about your social profiles, linking them up and making sure your content is spot on, then get in touch with one of the Codastar team today.

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