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This week, as part of our social media management tools series, we’ll be looking at the benefits of using Seesmic.

Over the past few weeks we’ve explored TweetDeck, which is a desktop and mobile application and HootSuite, which is a web-based dashboard. However, you can use Seesmic in whichever way you prefer.

Signing up to Seesmic takes a matter of seconds, just enter your Twitter details and you’ll be greeted with this message and your own personalised dashboard:

Seesmic Screenshot

Now you need to begin personalising your dashboard by adding the social networks that you want to monitor.

You can add Twitter, Facebook, Google Buzz, LinkedIn and FourSquare notifications to your Seesmic dashboard. They then appear as columns on the screen and you can move them around as you please.

seesmic web

There’s also a contact managing function so with this web-based dashboard you have access to all of your important information wherever you are and whatever browser you’re using without having to download anything.

However, you’re also able to use Seesmic as a desktop application on any kind of laptop or computer device. With this option you aren’t restricted to the top social media platforms, there are lots to choose from and you select the ones that suit you.

If you use the same computer all the time it really does make sense to use the desktop application as it’ll be much easier to access and there’s more for you to customise.

Seesmic is particularly good for using Twitter and as you can see from the screenshot below, it makes managing your Twitter stream really simple. It’s also great that you can see pictures and find out more information about links all from within the stream. This means you’re not going backwards and forward between your browser and the application.

sessmic screenshot

With Seesmic you can also see trending topics and apply searches to dedicated columns. This is ideal for monitoring mentions of your brand or industry.

seesmic trends

You’re also able to download Seesmic as a mobile application and set up dedicated spaces for where each social platform will be. For instance, in the example below, the user has a space for his Twitter timeline, his Facebook timeline, his timeline and finally his @ replies.

iphone screenshots

Sessmic is great because it’s so simple to use and the interface is very clean. It’s a perfect tool for people just starting out with social media, however, if you’ve used social media management tools before, you may find Seesmic a little too basic.

Here at Codastar we know a lot about social media and the best ways to manage your online activity. So, if you’d like us to help you set up your own online presence and manage it for you, or would just like a tutorial explaining how you can take the reigns yourself, then please get in touch.

Images via Seesmic.

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  1. Martin

    I don’t find Seesmic so intuitive, but it looks great. It’s not a superb tool, but none social media client is today. Seesmic development team does a great job in filling the holes, so we may be surprised in a year or two.


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