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In May we explored five ways for you to make the most of Linkedin, the biggest professional social network for businesses and individuals alike. We discussed ideas such as showcasing your services and getting your own personal URL.

However, there are now even more options when it comes to representing your company on Linkedin and making new business connections.


Linkedin pages cannot be branded as much as the landing pages on Facebook. But there are a few things that businesses can change about their Linkedin company pages in order to explain more about their organisation, showcase products and services and generate business leads and connections.

As well as all of the textual information and links to external websites, you can add a picture banner to your services page, as well as icons for each service and a main company logo (you can see all of these examples in the screenshot above and below).


What are the benefits?

  • Increased visibility – all kinds of business leads and connections can find out accurate information about your company.
  • Search engine optimisation – if someone searches for your company there’s a good chance that your Linkedin page will appear high up in the results.
  • Make connections – Linkedin is an ideal network for meeting all kinds of different people, as they’ve all come together for professional networking, job possibilities and services.
  • Industry news – having all kinds of different personal and professional networks on Linkedin, as well as Linkedin’s news service means you can keep up-to-date with all kinds of news.
  • Job possibilities – You can find news about jobs for yourself or recruit others through the network.

If you need help setting up your Linkedin page then get in touch with one of the Codastar team today. We can help you write your content, design icons and logos and get your business up and running on Linkedin today!

Image via the Trinology Limited Linkedin page.

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