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Linkedin has long been a valuable resource for any organisation’s business needs, whether that’s recruiting, networking or promoting services and products.

However, in many circles it’s still considered to be the boring cousin to the likes of Facebook and Twitter and we’ve spoken to many companies who are neglecting their Linkedin presence when really it should be at the top of their priority list, with 1 million new members signing up to the platform every single week!

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Aside from setting up a company page and keeping all of the information regularly updated, there are a number of new features and services that will make Linkedin easier to use and even more valuable for you.

1. Showcase your products and services

Users who have their own company page are now able to add a special tab which showcases their organisation’s Products and Services.

The great thing about this tab is it can be edited at any time, so as your company grows and introduces new services, your Company page on Linkedin can reflect that.

To access the tab, when on your main Company Page, simply click on the Products and Services tab and go to Edit.

The Products and Services Tab is a place to store information about the things your company offers its customers, however, it’s also a very intelligent function as it allows you to break your potential customers into segments and each segment will see different information displayed on their screens.

For more information about how the Products & Services Tab works and how you can target the right people, visit the Getting started with your new Products and Services Tab guide from the Linkedin team.

2. Start using “LinkedIn Today”

Linkedin Today is a service introduced by the social platform earlier this year. It allows users to set up personalised news home pages that will display current news and information most relevant to them.

To access LinkedIn Today simply go to your Linkedin Dashboard and go to the News section at the top and Linkedin Today is the top option.

To make the most out of the service you really must customise it straight away, so use the Browse All option to look through a list of industries and follow the ones that are most relevant to you.

LinkedIn Today Screenshot

3. Get your own URL

When you first sign up to Linkedin you’ll be given a long and hard to remember URL consisting of a lot of different numbers and letters. Obviously this isn’t going to look right if you include it on a business card or in an email signature, so change it as soon as you get chance.

Simply go to the Edit Profile page, view your Public Profile and scroll down to your URL. If it looks complicated, then simply click Edit and change it to the standard Linkedin URL:

4. Look at recruiting options

LinkedIn is one of the top networks for recruiters, people looking for a new position or companies that want to find the best talent available.

Go and visit the Linkedin Recruiting Solutions page to see how the service could help you find the right people for the job, whether you want the service to find potential employees or simply enter the skills you require and browse yourself.

Linkedin Recruiting Screenshot


5. Make sure your information is complete and regularly updated

This may sound simple but you’d be surprised at how many people complete around 50% of their LinkedIn profile and think that’s enough. You should aim to have your profile completed to 100% according to the Profile status bar LinkedIn provides you with.

It’s also important to remember to keep your LinkedIn profile regularly updated. LinkedIn profiles rank very highly in Google search, therefore they need to be full of good, relevant and accurate content that’s bang up to date.

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