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ISBA logoThis week the Incorporated Society of British Advertisers (ISBA) launched a Social Media Guide that will offer advice about how to make the most of social media and leverage it into current online activity. The guide will certainly be useful for brands, organisations and individuals alike that understand the benefits of social media but are unsure how to take their first steps.

Back in November 2010, the ISBA claimed there were many challenges for organisations venturing into the social media space and highlighted problems such as control over message, regulation and ROI. This new guide appears to have been made in response to many of these issues, exploring the best ways to operate online as well as identifying some of the pitfalls.

ISBA’s Consultancy Manager, Christina Nilsson, said, “in the last 24 months, many members have approached us for advice on social media from strategy development to finding the right agency to work with and from these conversations it has become apparent that the rules of social media as a marketing discipline are not always clear cut.

“We therefore wanted to produce some ‘top tips’ to social, explaining in more depth how it works, how it can add value to brands and the key things to consider when producing a strategy.”

The guide will include the basics of using platforms like Twitter and Facebook, as well as looking deeper at strategy and planning.

The ISBA’s new guide will be very useful for organisations and agencies that are comfortable with online advertising, but have not yet tried their hand at social media. Many agencies that we speak to often don’t differentiate between marketing, advertising and social media online, when in fact a different approach does need to be considered for each element.

For more information or to request a guide then visit the ISBA website.

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