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According to online sources, more than 19 million iPad devices have now been sold worldwide and that number is growing rapidly every day. With more and more people turning to tablet computers to send emails, engage on social networks and browse the Internet, it’s imperative that your website looks good if people visit it using an iPad device.

The popular blog hosting platform WordPress has recently announced that it has been working with a service called Onswipe to make sites more “iPad friendly”.

Onswipe Screenshot

Onswipe is a WordPress plugin and a platform that works to make all kinds of websites look and work better on any touch-enabled tablet devices. The platform can make both and sites better optimised for iPads using HTML5, better support for touch interactions, swiping and other features, such as the way the device can rotate any website instantly.

We’re sure that in the next few months, or even weeks, other platforms and services will offer this kind of tablet device optimisation. However, Onswipe has already impressed the likes of WordPress, so should be considered one of the best.

Get in touch with one of the Codastar team to discuss how we can make sure that your website looks good to visitors regardless of which device they’re using.

Image via Onswipe.

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