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Ever since Facebook introduced new features for Pages back in February, such as liking other pages and adding new photo strip functionality, even more gradual developments have been implemented.

One feature that’s particularly noteworthy is that Pages can now be tagged in personal or page status updates as well as photographs.

For example, from my personal account I can update my status and write that I’m going to a meeting today with the Codastar team:


The same tagged status can also be added to another business Page.

This is an interesting development as it means pages get more exposure to other personal and business networks. Instead of someone simply mentioning a company on their personal profile, they can now update their status with a link directly through to that page. This will also facilitate networking between businesses that provide one another with different services.

However, the changes do not just affect statuses, but pictures too.

In this example from the Facebook team, a user has tagged a can of Coca Cola in the photo below with the Coca Cola brand page:


Users have always been able to tag other users in photos, but now that people can tag brands and companies, they can paint a better picture of who they are and which companies they interact with regularly.

This opens up many opportunities for brands as it allows their products to be visible to wider networks. This could be a really positive step or it could be used in a negative way, to show a customer’s dissatisfaction with a product or service.

A user’s privacy is always paramount, so if they set their photos to private then only their friends will see the photo, even if a business has been tagged. However, if their photos are visible to everyone then the photo will appear publicly in the Photos tab of the page.

Of course many brands should embrace this and allow people to tag their products or services in photos, but if for some reason you don’t think this new feature fits in with the overall aim of your Facebook page, then as an admin you can quickly and easily change the settings so that tagged photos aren’t visibile on your page.

Images via the Facebook Feature Launch page.

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