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Last week, Facebook announced a number of changes to the design and functionality of Facebook pages. Although not all of these updates will be available until the beginning of March, it’s important that brands and organisations are aware of the changes and how they will affect the way they use Facebook and interact with users.

After selecting “Use Facebook as a Page” admins will be able to use their page like they do their personal profile. This means you’ll be able to “Like” and comment on content and other pages as the brand instead of as yourself. This will help businesses to spread their brand across the Facebook platform even more, making personal connections between “brand and user” instead of “admin and user” which will be a more convincing and beneficial interaction.

Comment as page

By interacting in this way, pages have their very own news feed which consists of posts based on pages they have “Liked”. This means that pages can curate their own list of other important Facebook pages for all admins to see and consume.

There have also been changes made to the way Facebook pages look. Just like personal profiles, the new updates include a photo strip of recently uploaded and tagged photo content at the top of the page. This will make the Facebook pages look slicker and more aligned to the way personal profiles behave. It will also give businesses a better way to showcase their work as users won’t need to search within photo albums, the content is already on display.

New photo strip

We’ve spoken to many different businesses about introducing Facebook into their online activity and many of our clients have dedicated Facebook pages. So, we know some of the things that clients have been asking for and more than anything the ability to behave as a company page instead of an individual is something that has cropped up time and time again, so it’s great to see Facebook responding to some of these widespread issues.

Here at Codastar, we’re excited about the updates and believe that with this added functionality pages can extend their reach even more than before and drive a higher level engagement between businesses and users.

To read more about the changes and what they’ll mean for the way you run your business then visit Pages on Facebook.

All Facebook page admins will receive an email in the next few weeks before the pages are changed automatically on the 10th of March. It’s important to be aware that if you have the opportunity to change to the new layout before then, you can’t change it back.

All images via Codastar Design’s Facebook page.

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