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Pinterest has fast become a firm favourite in social media land, with business after business joining the ranks to see what it’s all about and hoping to make their all important mark (and hopefully a little money too!). 

#1 Create your own Content.

FUN FACT: 80% of all pins are re-pins.

This means if you are always repinning everyone else’s content you’re not going to get anywhere when it comes to being known on the network. Creating your own visual and valuable content is a real key in succeeding in the network, and will gain yourself a band of brand followers ready to circulate your content getting your name out there and known as a King Pinner.

So how do you create valuable content for Pinterest? Well, its actually more simple than you think.

With the ability to now use video on the site, you can now create engaging content a number of ways, through fun memes and gifs, to an inside look at your new product development. Images or infographics with text on colourful backgrounds/photos are always a winner too.

TOP TIP: After uploading your image to pin from your computer, always remember to add a link. Pinterest will add a default dud link until you add one, and without a link, you won’t receive any click-throughs or traffic.

#2. Tutorials and Teasers.

FUN FACT: Tutorial pins see a 42% higher click-through rate (CTR) than the average pin.

The internet is a great source of information at every twist and turn, and Pinterest is no different. By sharing helpful information, “top tips” and “how to’s” you will be providing valuable information to your audience, and is a great way of engaging with your audience in particular.

Once you have your ‘hook’, others will want to share and spread the helpful hints to others that have your shared interest, gaining your business or brand the wider audience you are looking for.

TOP TIP: Pins don’t always have to give away everything at once. Try out a “daily dose of helpful hints”, releasing one a day, or even try creating a dynamic image encouraging people to click through to your website and learn more about your chosen topic. 

#3. Take Tips from Trending Topics.

FUN FACT: Pins featuring trending topics see a 94% increase in click through rate (CTR)

No matter what business or industry you are in, there is no escaping trending topics. Of course, it is key to avoid anything controversial, as the likelihood is commenting could cause irreparable damage to your brand image, however there are still many ways of getting involved in the daily trends.

The simplest way to do so without jumping in at the deep end is focusing on national holidays and celebrations. In the UK for example, a celebration of the Jubilee, or St George’s Day will never go amiss, similarly the US love a July 4th celebration. By engaging in an existing conversation on a hot topic is a great way of sparking up engagement.

TOP TIP: Try writing a blog post specifically for a trend or engagement then promoting it on social networks such as Pinterest asking for comment or discussion. Depending on your industry, you can even ask users to share their  own images of celebrations and sentiments, perhaps even to be used as part of a contest (see #5 below for more). 

#4.Don’t forget Calls-to-Actions.

FUN FACT: Featuring a “call to action” increases the engagement of a Pin by 80%

No matter where you find yourself working or posting, calls-to-action are one of the most important things to remember to include. Simple phrases such as “comment below”, “click here” or “repin this” make the world of difference without being too hard hitting. Subtlety is not always the best approach when it comes to social media, sometimes people need a little nudge in the right direction.

TOP TIP: Don’t forget a link in your caption/attached to your image, and remember the importance of landing pages – ensure that once you’ve gained that all important click-through your users are seeing what you want – and most importantly they want- to see. 

#5. Contests and Competitions.

FUN FACT: Jetsetter (a travel deal site) ran a contest on Pinterest and saw a 150% increase in their traffic.

No matter where you find yourself in the social media-sphere, Contests and Competitions are always a winning move when it comes to engaging with your following. Pinterest is certainly no different.

There are many great ways of structuring a competition on Pinterest, and a little bit of creativity can go a long way. Whether its asking for repins to pick a lucky winner, or asking users to take part themselves in submitting creative art/pictures featuring your products services. You can even go one step further and offer a “back stage pass” in helping produce their winning ideas.

TOP TIP: Don’t forget a follow-up of your content/competition to show who won what, and “what happened next”. By showing other users that its not just all talk, and picturing a user with their prize you gain brand credibility and trust – two extremely important factors when it comes to social media success.

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