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Over the past week, popular video sharing platform YouTube has launched a new home page, which gives users different ways of seeing activity from other YouTubers, according to the official YouTube blog.

But why are these changes important and what do they mean to you and your business?


Here’s a quick rundown of the changes, how they’ll affect you and what you can do to take advantage of them in the future:

Deeper integration with Facebook and Google+, so people will see the content that their friends have posted there. For now this only works with personal profiles on both Facebook and Google+, but we hope that YouTube will add more integration for business in the future too and show their activity when it comes to video on Google+ and Facebook. It’s a shame this hasn’t been rolled out from the start but we’ll keep you posted.

Fresh new look and layout, which means it’s easier than ever to navigate round YouTube. The news feed (or activity stream as some refer to it) has also taken centre stage on the homepage, which gives a bigger focus on the content that matters.

You can view all activity from those channels and YouTubers you subscribe to, so if someone has subscribed to your channel not only will they see the videos you’ve uploaded in their news feed, they’ll see other videos you’ve liked and commented on to. For businesses this means it’s more important than ever to actively “like” things, comment and engage so that you’re seen to be taking part in the YouTube community and so you appear in their news feed often and you’re fresh in their minds. It also means you should give other YouTubers incentives to not only subscribe to your channel, but like and comment too. That way everyone who is subscribed to them will see them interacting with your videos, which will expand your reach across different networks.

Users can make their own line up of channels and can see different trending channels of different subjects. So some examples of channels would be “Beauty & Fashion” and “Cooking & Health”. This means that your video content needs to be interesting, compelling and “shareable” as possible so people are likely to add it to their channels and extend its reach.

Here at Codastar we design fully branded YouTube chennels for our clients and advise them on the best video content for them. So, get in touch with one of the team today if you want to talk about your YouTube strategy or find out more about how the changes will affect you.

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