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The importance of optimising your website for mobile devices has cropped up here on the Codastar blog before and we’ve discussed the fact that the future success of your business could well hinge on whether mobile has been considered or not in your web design and user experience plans, especially as more and more people use their mobile devices to access the internet.


It seems this is becoming even more of an important issue in the trade media with lots of research exploring the subject as well as customer’s perceptions. This week, popular communications publication Brand Republic revealed that eight out of ten big brands that work alongside Google haven’t yet optimised their websites for mobile use. In fact, research shows that their sites have very little consideration for user experience on a mobile device at all, which seems crazy given the rapid growth in people accessing the internet via their mobile phones.

Ian Carrington, head of mobile at Google who was quoted in the Brand Republic piece, says that this lack of optimisation means that brands could already be missing out on opportunities, leading customers elsewhere to check out the competition who would perform better on their devices.

As you’d expect from the findings above, this area particularly seems to lack in any consideration for customer and user experience. In a recent article on Econsultancy, research showed that people were asked to rate with which mediums they had the best experience as a customer and mobile came out at the very bottom. In fact, 83% of people said they’d experienced a problem when trying to make a transaction with a mobile device, that’s a lot of people to be put off buying a product or service! The post also reveals only 18% of companies admit to considering a mobile strategy at all.

Customers were asked to rate channels for quality of customer experience:


From Econsultancy.

From these very recent statistics it’s obvious that there has been a clear lack of investment and consideration for mobile or m-commerce among businesses of all sizes, despite the fact more people than ever now use their handsets to surf the web.

This shows that there’s a definite need for all kinds of companies to quickly think about not only their mobile strategy, but also pay close attention to user experience. There’s clearly a need for better optimised sites generally and this could really make a company stand out from the rest if its competitors are still lagging behind.

Chart via Econsultancy. Image via YutakaTsutano.

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