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In many ways the iPad has revolutionised the way we consume information, providing a device that lets users do a vast range of things including read, browse the Internet and use social networks on the go.

However, the introduction of the iPad 2 has changed this dynamic even more and one of the main features only present in the latest device is the iPad 2’s two cameras.

Facetime screenshots from Apple website

Obviously the introduction of a camera has many implications for how the iPad 2 will be used, for instance, developers that create photography applications for iPhone devices can now start marketing similar apps to iPad users. However, there are important changes for businesses too and one of the key things we think the iPad 2 brings to professionals is the ability to have video conferences using their device.

Obviously other small devices have allowed us to talk to people face to face on the move for a long time, but we suspect that video conferencing using the iPad 2 is set to take off in the next few months.

But what services are available and which will the people you’re talking to want to use?


Skype is one of the most popular video calling and instant messaging services which works over WiFi and 3G, so even if you’re not near a solid Internet connection you should still be able to use the service effectively.

You can also talk to other people regardless of which kind of device they have as it works on compatible mobile phones, tablet devices, laptops and desktop computers.


Vidyo is a video conferencing platform that specialises in delivering great quality HD video to the iPad 2 device, but you will have to pay for many of the company’s solutions.


Facetime does not offer 3G support but is a much easier and simple solution as all you can do is talk face to face, there are no additional options to send files or IM like Skype.

In our eyes this makes Facetime more of a personal video service rather than one that could be used by businesses. However, it’s still a good option and can be used on iPad 2, iPhone 4 and other Mac devices.

Image via Apple.

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