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With all the changes over the past 6 months, Facebook for Business has changed to an almost unrecognisable level, moving from a singular static – almost unimportant – page, to a fully functioning mini website.

So for those new to business, or new to Facebook, or simply left a bit bamboozled by the new Facebook Jargon; never fear! Here is our fun yet factual A-Z guide of all things Facebook for Business.

Facebook for business



Also known as ‘tabs’, you are allocated up to ten Facebook Apps/Tabs that you can design to suit… well, anything you need it to! Facebook App Design can promote particular services or areas of business, become interactive Q&A pages, integrate video and Youtube.. amongst many, many more!


Also known as a ‘cover’, this is your main image across your profile page, and is your chance to really showcase your business with this at the forefront of your Facebook page design.

Customer Service.

Remember there is nothing ‘social’ about 100% sales. Use your page to engage with your audience and have a conversation!


Your facebook company page design really is important with the new look mini-site Facebook. Stand out from your competition, and ensure your apps, tabs and pages all have prominent contact details and calls-to-action.


Creating Business Events for your friends and fans isn’t limited to those working in education or hospitality. Use your imagination and create ways that will engage your audience. Create Q&A sessions with an Expert, or a Webinar you’re hosting on your specialist subject. If you want to try something a little different, why not create a custom facebook tab with a dedicated events calendar for your company?

Go get ’em!

Invite existing clients and customers from your database to ‘like’ your page, the same from other social networks you might already be on – its all about cross engagement.


For every post you create on your Timeline (see ‘T’), in the top right hand corner of the box you will see a star symbol, which enables you to highlight your post. by highlighting your post it takes up the entire width of your timeline (rather the standard two column split as standard) and remains that way for


Facebook Insights are the Facebook equivalent of Google Analytics (and can in fact be synced together on your main GA page as part of your social analytics). Insights are a great way of

Know your Audience

You probably already know who your target market and audience is – so don’t forget that information when posting and using Facebook. If you sell products aimed at children/teenagers, chances are, any posts in the daytime (school hours) will be missed. Focus your energy later in the day. Schedule posts using social media platforms such as Hootsuite or Tweetdeck for maximum efficiency!

Landing Tab/Page

When people arrive at your page, why not introduce a specific landing page to your Facebook Page design ? It is a great way of showing off a little of your company, encouraging people to engage and like further. It is professional and creative, and gives a great look to your business.


Fans can now send private messages to your business – much in the way you can on your personal page. Keep an eye out for any interaction and ensure you respond to all queries in a timely manner.


Like most of us, the line drawn between personal and professional lives when it comes to Social Media has been completed blurred, and as a networking tool – Facebook is becoming more and more popular. Participate in Facebook groups much in the way you would Linkedin; post an introduction, contribute to discussion boards, and connect accordingly. Depending on your views on your own page, customise your privacy settings to enable you to post/friend new contacts more freely.

Promoted Posts

Similar to highlights, you can also choose to ‘Promote’ each post you create on your page. In short, Facebook show any post you make to a certain percentage of your audience, having deemed them ‘relevant’ based on their interests and updates, meaning a large proportion could go missed. By ‘Promoting’ your post, you ensure your full audience is reached. Read more about Facebook Promoted Posts here.

Quirky Quotes

Business isn’t as straight-laced and ‘black and white’ as it used to be – its okay to have a little fun! As long as its relevant to a point, you have some artistic licence with what you post on Facebook. Remember, ultimately, your fans are there to socialise, they don’t want post after post of hard sales. They want to see a bit of fun…!


At the top of your page (just below your Facebook Apps) you can enable a segment of page for recommendations. A great tool to have available, as any review your company obtains gives an air of trust and authority – something potential customers value very highly.


This is the new format for your profile page, with a side bar detailing your full history of your business on Facebook – don’t forget to add in key milestones, new employees, new offices, exciting projects or events etc.


Ensure you customise your company name as part of your URL – “”, it makes for easy searching on site, as well as contributing to off site SEO.

Wow Factor!

Facebook apps design work is the easiest way to add the ‘wow factor’ to your social network. It is important to stand out from your competition – especially in such a competitive market. Show your customers that you know them and understand their needs, and have a page that reflects that.


Integrate your videos on a custom facebook tab specifically designed for Youtube (or whichever other social network you choose!) Video content of any kind is great for engagement, and having integrated apps looks professional and keeps users on page.


No matter who you’re friends with or who your fans are; you will no doubt, at some point in your Facebook life, receive a sheep/poker/building/treasure hunt request from one of the many, many, many Zynga games available on Facebook.

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