The Key to Keyword Research

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There is no escaping it – keyword research is one of the most vitally important parts of your SEO marketing campaign, and it is one of the most common areas that corners are cut, having a massive impact on your search strategy. Without research, you could be targeting the wrong keywords altogether, or maybe not…

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The Art of Successful Link Building:

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When talking with Online Marketing Agencies, two words continually crop up amidst the jargon and tech talk, two which are seemingly otherwise overlooked and undervalued when preparing an ongoing strategy: “Link Building”. But what does this elusive term really mean?

Google doesn’t like aging websites

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Search engine optimisation (SEO) is a crucial consideration for any business or brand that has a website. SEO actions aims to get your online assets rank as highly in Google as possible for the range of searches relevant to your business, which is vital to drive more people to your website and ultimately grow your company.