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Google Plus, Twitter, Facebook, WordPress, Pinterest, and now Microsoft is launching their own Social Network. How on earth are we supposed to keep on top of it all? Fortunately, there are many, many, many different applications and programmes to help us out, and we have rounded up a few that are the available at the moment to make your ‘social’ life that little bit easier:

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After our must-read post about the Do’s and Don’ts of Company Blogging, its safe to assume you all have a blog up and running now (isn’t it?!).  ‘Evernote‘ is a fantastic addition to your social media armory, and have a collection of helpful apps to help you keep up to date with your digital communication. Putting it simply, it is the ‘one stop shop’ of the blogging world. One of the most helpful tools is their Blog Post planner. If you find yourself updating blogs and articles on a regular basis, their tools will help you do so methodically and keep on top of your content.

Not only does Evernote provide some great standard templates for you to use, you can also create all the relevant components in the same place to organise your writing effectively, including subjects, examples, keywords and images. Notes and information is synced to other computers and devices (handy for remote workers or multiple platforms) creating an almost ‘cloud’ type arena for anyone contributing to congregate at.


Hootsuite is a social platform than amalgamates all the different networks into one easily manageable area. Although you have to pay for the upgrade ‘premium’ option, it is also one of the only on the market that posts to Google+ as well as the standard ‘Facebook/Twitter’ platforms.

As well as scheduled updates to your social mediums (at which point its worth clarifying that there is a distinct difference between ‘scheduled’ and ‘automated’,but that may be a whole different post altogether) you can obtain statistics and information to analyse your social media posts, what works, who clicked, who viewed, etc. Which is crucial to any serious ongoing social marketing campaign.


We all face the conundrum of how to gain comments and interaction with our blogs. And such a conundrum is considerably solved with the use of the Disqus comment plug in. It not only gives multiple options to readers when signing in and/or commenting (Facebook, Yahoo, Twitter, Google, etc) but increases the viral/share potential of your blog posts.

Not only is it flexible, but Disqus encourages ‘conversations’ last longer with ongoing updates of who and what said where, posting in a ‘Facebook timeline’ like fashion to their connections and users, giving your SEO a simple boost with engagement and real time conversation taking place on anything posted.

For forming relationships with your readers, Disqus is a must for any serious writer and blogger; a network within a network strengthening your bond to the otherwise silent majority.


For those not in the know, HubSpot is the ultimate tool for small/medium-sized businesses that need an online presence boost and as a result, generate more traffic, leads and sales. With significant investments from Google Ventures and Salesforce, the growth of Hubspot has been phenomenal.

The platform is simple and very much a ‘non techie’ device, that enables pretty much anyone to build and design their own website. On top of this, you gain a blogging platform, lead tracking tools, keyword and SEO tools, Landing Page creating, along with many other features.


As well as it being easily integrated to your Hootsuite platform, MailChimp is one of the most reputable and reliable e-marketing companies online today.

Unlike many, you have full control over content and design, with endless templates and features that can be easily shared and compatible with other web services and social media networks; it is your own ‘personal publishing platform’ . Not only this, but it can be tracked, providing you with crucial stats and updates of how your emails are reacted to and received. Tracking is half the battle with social media, and their extensive anayltics package rivals the best of them. You can re-brand and resend targeted audiences and really maximise the existing customer base you have, with the potential to market to new areas and people within the blink of an eye.

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