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Providing 400 online distance learning courses nationwide, it was important that Academy Zone’s social media presence was fun, funky and informative – and Codastar providing them with exactly that with their social media platforms redesigns.

The bright and bold colour theme was carried across all platforms, none more predominantly so than their twitter page. Their profile page now includes the quirky cogs imagery (consistent again with all the other social platforms) and clear contact details to reach the Academy, either via telephone or the other social networks.

Facebook also received an overhaul and an eye catching banner integrated with the timeline layout with a bespoke ‘about’ tab for further information and links back to their website to the related sections of the main website.

Google + shared the Academy’s theme, making a stand-out statement from their competition on a site where it is becoming more and more important to do so from a search  as much as social sense.

LinkedIn not only have the shared purple pzazz, but they now also include customised ‘tabs’ to link outside the platform for further information and provide a user friendly guide to find the exact service and information the end user will be looking for.




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