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With a fun and friendly brand, Childcare UK wanted social media platforms to reflect that, and with a social overhaul from Codastar, they received exactly that.

The Twitter design involved a static image that remained so whilst scrolling, with featured links and contact details for continuity cross network/site.

This design was mirrored within Google+, with a striking design leaving any competition in their wake.

Facebook was the “pièce de résistance” with the creation of Facebook apps interacting with childcare UK website.

We created an app that allows Facebook users to search for your local childcare directly on Facebook. The app integrates with the database on the Childcare UK website, allowing Facebook users to “take action” right on Facebook.

A second app was created to retrieve reviews and testimonials from the website and dynamically dsplay them on Facebook.

Finally, a news tab integrates with the website news section and retrieves news in real time to display on Facebook.

 We also redesigned the entire platform of course and created an exciting design throughout.


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