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Simplexity had big plans for their social media strategy, so they needed their social media sites to resemble the paradise they so readily jet their customers off to. Fortunately for them, Codastar were on hand with their suitcase packed with their passport and primping skills!

First up for Facebook, we put together a newly designed cover banner, with snapshots from around the globe of a variety of their exotic and eye-catching locations. Alongside this, there were two custom tabs were developed, one for each side of their business – one for Leisure, one for Corporate travel. Both pages featured strong calls-to-actions, integrated Youtube videos, real-time twitter updates, as well as clear and concise information and links back to their website, should their potential customers require further information to book their get-away.

TheFacebook cover image continued over to Linkedin for brand continuity across the social sites, setting up the page nicely. On a quick click over to their ‘services’ tab, the image changes into a click-thru Facebook advert to convert perhaps one-time visitors into into long-term fans. The services are succinct, with key areas such as destinations and events covered with links back to their website and specific landing pages (for lead generation tracking and analytics).

Whilst the imagery on Google+ is similar to that of the other sites, the key and noticeable aspect is the quality of the imagery, ensuring that it keeps its clarity and does not appear pixelated. The page also contains contact information and bullet points of information, leaving the page to focus on updates and sharing content, with links also featured back to the Youtube channel.

Alongside the now consistent corporate imagery, the twitter background consists of information linking users back to other social networks, as well as an RSS feed. Worth noting is the interlinking nature of all the social networks, ensuring maximum exposure to all and cross platform engagement for the brand.

Last but not least is the corporate YouTube channel. The channel is in-keeping with the new corporate look (again, with high quality definition of the imagery despite the varying dimensions across the networks)  ready for their team to have their cameras at the ready, and get shooting across the globe and creating clever content for their users to watch and share.

All in all, Simplexity now has a beautiful branding that is well-suited to their sleek and sophisticated clientele, ensuring maximum engagement across the board.


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