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The twitter page has a background with clear contact details and social media icons encouraging users to search for the brand on other platforms. The logo is now also nicely integrated into the banner image with the owl taking center stage for optimised branding/brand awareness.

This theme was taken nicely over to the Google+ page, where simple but sophisticated logo, imaging and tag-line are displayed, with a link back to the company website. The important thing to note with Google+ is the dimensions of the image on display. It is important that all images across websites/platforms are equally defined, and not appear pixelated and as a result, unprofessional.

Next up was their Linkedin profile. The page continued the new look branding across the banners, as well as a scrolling bar across the top of the ‘services’ with links to other social networks and back to their website.  The services are now defined with their key offerings to customers, and links back to the appropriate pages of the website for ease of tracking and sale analytics.

Last but not least was the Moneybarn Facebook page. Previously the page was rather ‘one dimensional’ and static in its offering, however with the new look cover and additional ‘about us’ tab, it now feels more like a ‘mini website’, and an extension of their main web pages.

The tab has a clear call-to-action featured as soon as you hit it, encouraging users to click and apply for their financial services. The banner also includes social network links to twitter and linkedin to encourage cross platform engagement.

As you scroll through the page, it includes the content that customers want to see, with key selling points and reasons they are the company to call. With logos/images and bullet point style information, the page is finished with contact details for every customer’s (existing or new) needs.

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