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Gold Key Nutrition wanted to give their social media sites a healthy new glow (so to speak!) and Codastar delivered exactly that.

Gold Key Nutrition are fairly new to Twitter and want to start up with a ‘bang’. The new background is bold and bright with Facebook and contact details appearance along the top. The new ‘cover’ image and profile photo feature the logo and a variety of imagery depicting the healthy lifestyle they promote, along with a few of their products.

Linkedin not only has a range of key product areas listed to highlight their expertise; but it will help increase sales and interest in those areas. Both screens also have scrolling/clickable images enabling cross platform engagement and further website hits as well.

The Google+ has a fantastic image featured across their banner, leaving users in no doubt their field and focus. They also have a CTA in the form of a website link; and further content (video) to engage users and encourage them to follow their progress as a company.

Their Facebook page was the piece de resistance; not only with a cover image design but with 3 apps developed to further enhance the new “mini site” effect Facebook are promoting to users.

As well as a specific weight loss tab with scrolling images, clear calls-to-action (contact details, special links, etc) and customer tips and tricks, they now also have a “Product Offers” and “Prize Wheel”. Both pages not only increase engagement, but they encourage users to visit the page regularly with new content, competitions and discounts for their products and services.


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