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Many businesses with Facebook pages write about the products and services that they offer on the social network so fans can find out more about their companies. They then include links through to their external websites, so if someone wants to find out more or even purchase something, they can do so quickly and easily.

Increasingly, companies both big and small are looking at ways to integrate shopping and e-commerce experiences into their Facebook pages. Back at the start of this year we explored the way brands like Dove, Max Factor and French Connection use social commerce techniques and now there are even easier and more effective ways to explore social commerce, or f-commerce as shopping through Facebook is now widely known.

This kind of f-commerce allows companies to sell things directly through their pages, making it easier and more likely for people to make the purchases they want to make.

It also makes it more worthwhile to concentrate a lot of your time on Facebook if you know your hard work could directly lead to sales.


There are a range of different pieces of software, online tools and Facebook applications that can help you build a shop within Facebook. The specialist blog Social Commerce Today published a list of 20 Leading f-commerce solutions earlier this year.

However, let’s focus on one of the most popular Facebook apps for now, which is called Payvment. This app aims to:

“connect people, products and conversations in new ways to reinvent online shopping.”

Once you have granted Payvment access to your Facebook page (which only takes a minute), you can use it as an e-commerce platform, which means people can buy things from your Facebook account.

There are a range of options available once you have the Payvment app. You can:

  • Promote items to your fans.
  • Offer a discount to those that “like” your page and for multiple purchases.
  • Have products listed in Payvment’s own social shop.
  • Built-in sales tracking to make sense of people who buy your products.
  • Set “featured” items for more visibility.
  • Buyers are able to use most types of cards and even their Paypal account to pay.
  • Collect your payments with a Paypal account.
  • Able to set up the app and your store quickly and easily.
  • Inventory management options so you can keep track of product numbers.

There are many, many more features and incredibly they’re all free! There is a premium service available to you, but it’s best to start with the free version first to see if it works with your Facebook page and whether any of your fans interact with your Facebook store.

Get in touch with one of the Codastar team today if you want to talk about your Facebook presence, building and maintaining a page or whether social commerce would work for you.

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