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Codastar offer a Social Media Package because we feel a company’s online presence is most effective when there are as many profiles set up and active as possible. Each platform a company appears on is another place to be found by visitors who might not have visited the dedicated company website. Having more places to list a company’s contact details, products and updates greatly increases both their visibility and opportunities for prospects to contact the firm or generate sales.

Moneybarn Facebook Tab App Design Codastar


Moneybarn LinkedIn Business Page Design Codastar

Cross platform engagement helps you to pick up more traffic – social media sites link to one another, picking up people from different places. Having several platforms to post content like videos or blogs really increases their reach. And once these platforms have been set up properly they are very easy (and not at all time consuming) to maintain. The benefits of getting a company to do it for you is that we can tailor the design and contents to improve your ranking in users’ search results – making sure your details are accurate and findable.

Having several accounts set up also allows you to really establish your brand’s credibility. Your imagery and logos can feature on the profile pages of all of these platforms, and your profile image (perhaps your company logo) appears alongside anything you post or do on each platform. This will really get you noticed and help people to associate your branding with you, your products and your services.

Moneybarn Google+ Design Codastar Moneybarn Twitter Profile Design Codastar

Overall, as each of these platforms offer different tools it’s best to make use of them all to get yourself noticed online, giving visitors every opportunity to engage and convert.

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