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So… Facebook.

With such a big audience it is still very important that you can be found on here (because you will be). The opportunities for efficiently-targeted paid advertising are also formidable (it’s a platform that really knows the audience’s preferences and interests).

What makes Facebook a must for business isn’t so much the updates, timeline and likes on the company page (you might even have heard that it isn’t as good as it used to be for ‘organic reach’). What is important is that you can add tabs to your page, presenting everything your own website does and giving prospects the opportunities to buy, sign up, download, engage…

Tabs are extra pages (Facebook call them tabs so they aren’t confused with the overall name ‘Company Page’). Visitors can easily find them from the Facebook timeline using the navigation bar. We also provide bespoke buttons that can go beside the timeline.

We design tabs from scratch, and so are able to incorporate a company’s branding and content into the design – or anything they want (perhaps a design for a particular promotion). Alongside this we test several designs and use software for tracking where people try to click on a page – so we know exactly where to put the calls-to-action.

British Teddies Facebook tab design CodastarMuseum Makers Facebook tab design Codastar

It’s all about allowing companies to generate sales through Facebook, and getting as much of the company website content to Facebook users. We’ve made tabs that show a range of products with ‘buy now’ buttons, offers that unlock when visitors ‘like’ the Facebook Page, booking forms and sign ups, embedded games and competitions. Everything from the imagery and layout, and the design of the calls-to-action, is completely bespoke.

Alongside this we design and provide banners for Facebook, incorporating the company’s logo or branding, or some evocative imagery, text… whatever best suits the firm’s needs.

1948 Original Equipment Facebook Page Design

Tab design makes your Facebook presence about selling to the new audience on there, rather than just engaging with people.
We also offer Facebook page design as part of our social media package, as we feel that social media profiles are more effective (and firms are more visible) when companies appear on several different platforms.

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