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Singe-Page Application web design Vitalize

North London health food store Vitalize came to us for a website that could present their diet and nutrition advice effectively, encouraging visitors to go to their shop and clinic.

We created a fully responsive site that is very accessible. The scrollable homepage reveals links and calls-to-action to content from across the site so that visitors don’t miss any of Vitalize’s products or services.

A more traditional navigation bar is provided at the top of the page. A carousel banner keeps things moving and also indicates the Vitalize shop location. Recent news and blog posts are fed to the homepage so the information greeting visitors is always fresh.

Brief text introduces the firm and owner Helen Agama. Helen is a trained Nutritionist and runs the Vitalize nutrition clinic. The text provided here quickly testifies to her qualifications and quality of service. An ‘about us’ offers more of Helen’s story.

Colourful backgrounds help split up the homepage information. The changing layout of the text and different font sizes help organize the content visually for quick consumption. Bold headings and illustrations encourage visitors to go to the health information, special offers and products provided on the site.

We provided a button to download a free health guide. Visitors are prompted to give their details and email address to receive this. It’s a very effective way of building Vitalize’s mailing list.

The website really showcases the firm’s expertise. Health tips are divided into sections on a drop down menu on the navigation bar. Each section leads to a dedicated page of information. ‘Nutrition Advice’ provides additional Q and As that visitors are encouraged to click on.

The website offers an informative ‘taster’ of the services and goods available at Vitalize’s shop. Everything is geared to encouraging people to visit. Product pages detail items that are currently discounted in store. Visitors can review the products and leave a star rating.

The Location page has Google Maps embedded. This greatly improves Vitalize’s SEO and helps traffic find them through local searches. A contact us page provides full contact information.

Blog posts are published to the site, adding to Vitalize’s SEO ranking by discussing the most common products and terms their audience searches for.

Single-page application website design Codastar

Vitalize’s website is a well-organized resource for winning over prospects. It can cater for any device it is viewed on, always providing key information quickly and clearly displayed. Vitalize provide enough advice and information to genuinely help prospects online, and this encourages people to visit the store.

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