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Sweepover Complete Social Media Design Package

Local businesses attract custom through their reputation and by word of mouth. People living in a particular area are likely to know people who need similar services and products for their home, business or lifestyle. This is especially true of a specific service like Sweepover (chimney sweeps) – people are going to discuss their chimney problems with friends who live in similar properties nearby.

Adding social media transforms this client-building dynamic of reputation and word of mouth into a searchable ‘advert’ for the business online. Arriving on any of the company’s social media pages will show a potential client that the firm has a good relationship with customers old and new, that it is trusted, and that it does a good job. Bearing this in mind, Sweepover called on Codastar to provide the Complete Social Media Package for maximum impact.

Sweepover Facebook profile Social Media Package

Sweepover Google+ Social Media Design Package

The company is now on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn. These social media tools are fully integrated and show a consistent message and branding, and Sweepover took advantage of our special offer by choosing the bundled package, rather than having the sites created separately.

Codastar designed matching banners for all of Sweepover’s social accounts. These are slick-looking and serve to celebrate the firm’s professional credentials (and the accompanying profile photo of Sweepover’s Ralph While-Paddon speaks for itself – ‘friendly business’). The banners give continuity to Sweepover’s public face while remaining flexible to each site’s page layout – the Facebook banner also alerts users to the ‘about’ page, while the Google+ image makes Sweepover’s phone and web contact details clear.

Sweepover LinkedIn Social Media Design Package

Sweepover Twitter Social Media Design Package

Why create so many social media profiles for one company? Across all of these accounts, different set categories are required for information like location and business type (Twitter, for example, uses your company’s location to help place you in nearby users’ search results). So, having set all of this up for Sweepover, the company will always appear in the right place when people are looking for its services.

And soon after Codastar got Sweepover’s social accounts set up the Cambridge News featured the business in an article. This meant that Sweepover was able to post a link to this nice bit of PR on its Facebook and Twitter pages.

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