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Codastar One Page Website Studio Maako

Studio Maako provide production, recording and mixing services to artists and bands. They needed a website that would make them stand out from the competition, presenting all their information quickly and effectively.

We produced a one page website for the studio. The site can immediately show prospects everything as they scroll down. Bands, artists and their representatives can browse on a smartphone or any other device, really reflecting the needs of the studio’s target audience.

An embedded music player helps show off the studio’s sound and production skills. Visitors can choose from five tracks to hear a range of genres. This is the ultimate showcase for the recording studio!

The site’s text is backed by evocative imagery. This offers a sense of progression as visitors scroll through and gives Studio Maako’s site the slick, professional edge they are offering artists in their studios.

The copy is concise and well laid out to get the key information across quickly. A good mix of font sizes helps organize the text clearly for readers. Bold titles and questions draw readers to the different sections. Everything Studio Maako have to offer, and what makes them stand out, is immediately apparent.

A navigation bar takes visitors straight to the different sections of the site. Whichever service visitors look at, a call-to-action takes them to the contact form to book to make an enquiry. The studio’s location on Google Maps is also embedded, making it easier for prospects to find Studio Maako when searching by location.

Web Design One Page Site Codastar

The one page site is perfect for Studio Maako. Artists know what they are looking for, and Studio Maako can instantly show that they can offer the right service. Once convinced, conversion is very easy, so the studio’s popularity will grow and grow.

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