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Museum Makers Facebook app designEncouraging engagement is a very real objective for Museum Makers – they are not looking to build a fanbase so much as to attract people who can devote their free time and abilities to help run Luton’s Wardown Park Museum. They needed a social media presence that would highlight this and give users something to respond to.

With this in mind we created two apps (Facebook tabs or pages) chock-full of eye-catching and welcoming calls to action for converting fans to volunteers. We tailored the pages so that everything kept the branding of the main website, too – with all the right imagery, colour scheme and fonts. It’s all accessed from the Facebook timeline using the buttons we created:

Museum Makers Codastar Facebook App TabTakes you to an informative page that collates some of the beautifully designed content from the Museum Makers website, colourfully detailing the campaign and showing the team. Around this we provided calls to action to get people signing up and looking for more information.

Museum Makers Codastar Facebook App Tab

Here users can easily choose activities that will suit them and click through to the right landing pages on the Museum Makers site.The graphics match the link destination, and our design allows for the inclusion of all the information needed to encourage and inform Facebook users.

Museum Makers Bespoke Facebook PageMuseum Makers Bespoke Facebook Tab

Alongside the apps we provided banner images for Facebook, Twitter and YouTube – everything made to match and keep the branding consistent, of course. What with all the events and activities Museum Makers are trying to encourage, having as many outlets for their content and updates as possible is a must – they are also conspicuous ways in for new fans and volunteers.

Having a Twitter feed consolidates on the work the page Facebook does by keeping Museum Makers in people’s consciousness, helping fans stay engaged and seek out further volunteering opportunities. Take a look – Museum Makers are reminding people about their upcoming world record attempt and the preparations for a summer event.

Museum Makers Twitter Profile Design

Museum Makers YouTube Profile Design

And if you can produce it, content is powerful – a Museum Makers t-shirt-bedecked ‘#happyday’ video re-imagining Pharrell’s ‘Happy’ has managed 188,000 views and 200 comments for their YouTube profile. And of course that account links back to all the other social media pages and the Museum Makers website.

Everything works to show just how different the Museum Makers community is – and how many activities and volunteering ideas they can offer fans of their pages and their campaign.

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