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Huxstep Project Management responsive web deisgnHuxstep are a construction project management firm operating in London and Hampshire. They came to Codastar for a website that could generate new business, detail their services and allow prospects to submit their project details.

We created a fully responsive site that can be easily viewed on any device. Each page is concise and to the point, meeting visitors’ needs quickly.  Information is always accompanied by calls-to-action for booking a consultation or contacting the firm.

The home page sums up the firm’s services in a brief, bold sentence backed by a carousel banner. ON TIME, TO BUDGET and TO YOUR SATISFACTION are highlighted. Whatever device they browse from, visitors flicking through competitors will understand Huxstep in seconds.

A navigation bar with simple headings help visitors search the site quickly. Topped with bright imagery, the pages are laid out with bullet point lists of services the firm offers. This spreads the keywords Huxstep are targeting across the site and maximizes their SEO performance. The audience finding the firm’s website will be after the exact services Huxstep offer.

Huxstep services responsive website design Codastar

Huxstep are targeting developers and property investors. We provided a page specifically for them to highlight the services and provide contact details. ‘Developers’ is highlighted on the navigation bar to help visitors to the page.

Other pages help to convince and convert visitors. A testimonial page features client feedback that confirms Huxstep’s handling of different projects and level of care. A contact form allows visitors to upload plans and documents and tick categories to highlight their project type. This organizes the communications for Huxstep, greatly reducing their admin.

Huxstep’s website is an attractive and easy to use showcase for their services. It is also a resource for new clients to submit their projects. By making the site easily navigable visitors can find what they are looking for quickly, converting through the prominently placed contact details.

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