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As a day nursery provider with 20 years’ experience, Fennies wanted a website that would play to their strengths while offering a welcoming and easy to use resource for parents, ensuring maximum conversion.

Fennies Responsive Website Design

Answering Parents’ Questions:

Accommodating parents with busy lifestyles and commitments on their time, we developed a fully responsive site that any device will be able to navigate and access all of the information provided.

The most important question parents need answering is whether Fennies nurseries are a viable option for them in terms of time and distance, so we included a ‘find your local Fennies’ button to take visitors to dedicated pages for each nursery.

We created these pages to showcase what each Fennies site has to offer. An illustrated text box introduces the unique features and feel of each premises. This is followed by a checklist of facilities specific to each nursery. We embedded image galleries that really show off each location, and included customer feedback (quotes) and detailed contact information.

These pages have been developed to accept more entries as the number of Fennies nurseries grows, and eventually we will develop a ‘nursery locator’ application for the site.

Fennies Responsive Website Design Nursery Page

The General Design:

For the overall look we developed a slick site with a simple layout – we included the Fennies logo and another noting the firm’s reassuring 20-year history, a bold colour scheme, and a good use of space to draw the eye to the information. The colourful navigation bar grabs peoples’ attention with illustrated and animated links to the other pages. We didn’t overload the homepage with content, being careful to include just what Fennies needed to say, laid out simply and with one very effective photo.

The design really lends itself to the bright and modern nursery facilities that Fennies provide. It is also perfect for a responsive site, looking just as great on any device. It’s all about designing a site that will look sharp and professional, while still knowing when to step back and allow the key features to fulfill the site’s main objective as simply and effectively as they can. There’s a big old telephone number at the top of every page – we want to get people engaged and signing up as quickly as possible. The phone number dominates even when the site condenses for a smartphone screen.

Fennies iPhone Responsive Website DesignThe information pages are all about getting the information to parents as clearly and quickly as possible. The text is broken up into bullet point lists and short paragraphs, and we were careful to subdivide the information on certain pages using tabs. This kept down the number of main categories on the navigation bar so they would make more distinct signposts to the information.

It is best to ensure there are multiple routes to the content across the site, allowing for the different orders in which users view the pages. The pages all have a form for making contact, and we provided prominent calls to action for people to request a call back or register a child.

Parents can now discover Fennies nurseries for themselves, quickly answering all of their questions and signing up with ease.

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