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Providing cloud computing solutions to businesses, Commensus wanted a website that would showcase all of their services and answer every existing or potential client’s question as quickly,  easily and effectively as possible – maximising conversion, and look great while doing so, too.

Taking a WordPress based approach to the site construction, Codastar made sure that providing a lot of information for people was a plus for Commensus. It was important to include everything in a way that wouldn’t slow down the user experience. We carefully categorized the content and designed a website that is very simple and easy for people to navigate and find exactly what they are looking for. They can speedily find detail on all the services available, meet the team, read the feedback – everything they need to trust their business with Commensus.

Commensus Website Design Home Page

Being flexible:

As their virtualisation services allow clients to access their data from any location or device, it was only right that the Commensus website itself should be be fully responsive. We made sure that, whatever the device, the navigation menu is always there to take users to the information they need as quickly as possible, with all the appropriate page content neatly laid out below as the they scroll down. There’s also links to the firm’s social media accounts to ensure engagement and, in terms of rapid response, the support number tops every page, making sure Commensus can look after existing clients who are encountering problems or emergencies.

Commensus Website Design iPhone

Looking great:

The banner on the Commensus home page is a carousel that combines shifting professional imagery with text summarising what the firm’s services can offer a business. We provided illustrated and animated calls to action for this page to quickly get people checking out the various services on offer. The other pages have different banner images to help users locate themselves. We colour coded the information so that the headings and text boxes on a page help signpost the different topics/services. This looks great on a desktop, but it really comes into its own where users are navigating from a mobile device – new colour, new page! We also added some nice parallax scrolling to the pages (looks like the site’s moving about in separate layers – it’s just pleasing to experience, really).

Commensus Website Design Testimonials

Hitting the target:

We provided a form for people to get in contact on every page – whatever it is that convinces a client, and wherever they are on the site, as soon as they make that decision they will be able to sign up. And clients who can inform themselves about the firm first are not going wasting their own or Commensus’s time. With the sleek, informative website we have built, Commensus can see genuine, follow-through results for new business – a real return on the time and detail work invested in developing the site.

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