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Citypoint Golf Studio Website Design

Citypoint Golf Studio is a golf performance studio offering coaching and custom club fitting in the heart of the City. Offering rigorous and high tech coaching services for golfers, they wanted Codastar to create a slick and professional looking website that would appeal to City workers – and quickly give people all the information they need to convert them into new clients.

Putting everything in instant view and easy reach on every page is the key to this. We topped the website with a banner that could give old and new clients everything they needed quickly, whatever page they landed on. The site is responsive, and if people are having a brief look at the firm from a mobile device, or whatever device, that banner’s going to be the first thing they see – and it’ll be right there with everything they want.

Backed by smart imagery of the firm that subtly changes from page to page, we included everything to get users speedily informed and on board: company logo (consistent brand identity), a toolbar to take users to the different services on offer and customer testimonials, calls to action to book a slot and links to the social media channels (engagement, and, if you’re a potential customer scooting around on your phone, a Facebook page full of photos and customer sharing can be the quickest validation of a firm).

Change is also good – users viewing a site like to know that the company is ‘there.’ So we made sure that visitors can see Citypoint’s latest news on the right of every page.

Citypoint Golf Studio Website Design Coaching

We also ensured that there is a good mix of content on each page, so the information can reach people with different priorities or amounts of concentration/time available to them. Take a look – you can read the detailed text, or skip it and view the captioned slideshow or embedded video. The multimedia also serves to introduce the staff and showcase their skills and excellent customer service (and frankly, content keeps it interesting). Calls to action accompany all of this content, so it doesn’t matter what it is that ticks the ‘yes’ box for a customer – as soon as it does, there’ll be a sign up button right there for them.

The most valuable asset a business has, in the real world and online, is its uniqueness as a firm – what it does or how it does it, or maybe even who it is. Citypoint put a lot of research and work into their services, and we were able to show this off by including slideshows that quickly illustrate the detailed processes of coaching and finding the perfect club for clients. The behind the scenes research, technology and time that Citypoint dedicates to clients is what makes the studio stand out from its competitors, so it’s absolutely essential to showcase it.

Citypoint Golf Studio Website Design Fitting

The final ingredient (taking the user’s perspective): the bottom of each page has all the details like opening hours, street address and contact details (a big thing for users – if you don’t make this information clearly available on your website they won’t trust you). There is an all important Google Maps location, because that’s somewhere the firm wants to turn up in if it wants a decent place in search engine results.

Brief completed, visitors to Citypoint’s site can now quickly learn everything they need to about the golf studio. They can find information and navigate the site very easily. They can see how friendly and professional the staff are. Most importantly they are able to sign up as quickly as they are able to make their decision on the firm.

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