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Character at Work is a London consulting, education and coaching business offering new insights into individual and organizational performance. They have a real thirst for engaging with people in innovative ways to improve approaches to work and the workplace.

The firm came to Codastar to develop one sure-fire call to interact – a questionnaire.

Character at Work wanted to give users a Work Potential Index score – the percentage of human qualities a person is using in their workplace. We designed a questionnaire that could calculate this for every user. The questions all link to a database, and we created algorithms that convert each answer into a component of the score for the main categories of human powers/qualities Character at Work use (things like mind, body, connectedness and craftsmanship).

On completion a detailed results page is produced. Users can see their overall score (Work Potential Index) alongside individual percentages for the four powers and six qualities – and also the effect of the workplace on the score. At the bottom of the page we provided a bold call to action to order a report offering professional advice on the results.

Character at Work Questionnaire Survey Design


If you’re going to ask people to do something it’s vital to establish ‘what’s in it for me?’ for the user – and convince people quickly before they click away from you. This is why we designed landing pages for the questionnaire that could be ‘read’ in seconds. Succinct text is broken up with an easily readable checklist and short paragraphs – all with clear calls to action.

Character at Work Questionnaire Survey Design

For the questionnaire itself we provided option buttons for multiple choice questions and text boxes for users’ written answers. We made sure the text was laid out properly, with differently coloured headings to show users how they were progressing through the questionnaire (“how much more of this is there?” is another user question you should anticipate).

With all of this set up we have put Character at Work in the best position to increase their engagement with users, fulfilling their goal to transform the workplace by simultaneously producing research and encouraging people to think about their work.

Character at Work Questionnaire Survey Design Character at Work Questionnaire Survey Design

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