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As a global financial services firm advising business and institutional investors, it is essential that bfinance maintain client trust and loyalty. Their social media presence has to make clients old and new feel valued by the firm while clearly demonstrating their professionalism, skills and expertise.

Bfinance produce a lot of content to this end, and by having several social media accounts set up they can ensure it achieves maximum reach and is seen by clients and prospective clients.

bfinance Google+ page design

bfinance UK Google+ Page Design

Codastar designed a set of Google+ profile pages, a LinkedIn page and a Twitter profile for the firm. As people are accessing bfinance globally, it was important to set them up with Google+ pages that would be relevant to overseas visitors. Thus we have bfinance (general), bfinance UK and bfinance France. The main profile gives contact details for UK, European and American offices, while the dedicated France and UK profiles have detailed contact information with the office locations tagged in Google Maps (another way clients will find them in a search).

We created stylish and professional banner images to head each profile and the LinkedIn page. These include a succinct yet full description of the business and some sleek imagery to set the right tone. They also incorporate the firm’s distinctive logo, respecting bfinance’s tight branding consistently (an absolute must, as now everything is so unified that all the reports bfinance publish match the design and imagery of the pages).

bifinance Google+ Profile Page Design

bfinance LinkedIn Page Design

Those regular reports and bfinance’s professional YouTube videos are posted on the Google+ profiles and LinkedIn page, ensuring the image the firm presents of itself is not static but constantly updating and producing new insights and advice for clients.

Once we’d set up the accounts and tailored bfinance’s branding to suit each page, the firm could show clients and visitors the great pride and care they take in their message and appearance – and that they constantly build on this by providing fresh and professional information through all their social media channels.

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