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City accountants Beavis Morgan have a great deal of professional experience in offering tailored, quality advice to firms. So it was important that their social media presence could establish this for visitors, quickly offering everything people need to sign up for their services. To do this Codastar created a Facebook Page and tab as well as a LinkedIn Company Page with a set of Showcase Pages.

Facebook Timeline Banner Design Codastar


Starting with the timeline, The Facebook banner we provided plays to the company’s strengths – the team. It’s quite literally establishing the face of the Beavis Morgan for visitors.

We also included a button to the side of the timeline to highlight the bespoke ‘our services’ tab we created: ‘click here to see how we can help you.’ The design helps create a sense of natural progression for visitors – the tab is the next step.

Once on the tab everything is about getting the content from Beavis Morgan’s website to Facebook users, making a smooth transition between the sites. To do this we established the firm with strong, concise ‘about us’ copy and imagery from the website: ‘Our aim is simple – to increase your net worth’ – brilliant!

Bespoke Facebook App Design Codastar

Below this we made clear, intuitive calls-to-action for each of the company’s services, all matching the design of the BM website. These take visitors to the corresponding service pages on the company website. It is important to separate the different services and highlight them to visitors, so people feel they make their own particular ‘journeys’ to the information specific to their needs.

It is also essential that these links go to the actual service being highlighted, rather than a general page. Visitors from Facebook aren’t going to look around for the information – they will just go back to Facebook. Making sure the links go to what’s described on the Facebook tab gives visitors an easier, ‘seamless’ experience when moving between Facebook and the firm’s website, encouraging them to check out the company further.

Catering for visitors who don’t click so fast, we included more information further down the page and added another link to the company website at the bottom, giving every opportunity to convert.

Creating the page from scratch allows us to really perfect the positioning of content and calls-to-action for maximum impact and visibility. This is why we placed contact details at the top and bottom of the page, and encouraged visitor engagement with a prompt to ‘like’ the page just under the banner image. Visitors finding Beavis Morgan on Facebook have every opportunity to engage and convert – the platform has been optimized for selling.

LinkedIn Business Page Design Codastar


Alongside the Facebook Page we also set the firm up on LinkedIn, creating several Showcase Pages as well as the main Company Page.

The banner we provided for the Company Page shows the team again, but with the addition of a prompt that highlights the links for the Showcase Pages. It’s quite often a good idea to use the banner space for something practical like this.

Once again we incorporated graphics from the Beavis Morgan website in the links to the Showcase Pages on the Company Page. This helps highlight them on the page for visitors, as well as establishing the firm’s branding on the platform.

It is important to properly fill out the text content and categories on the Company Page, as this helps determine where the firm ranks in search results. As both Google and LinkedIn crawl them to rank the pages, the description of the firm and its ‘specialities’ list must contain the right keywords – ones relevant to the firm’s products and audience, and also things unique to the business (marketing to a niche is always easier). This ensures that a relevant, responsive audience will find Beavis Morgan in searches.

Codastar LinkedIn Products Services Page Design

The five Showcase Pages we created each have their own description and banner image. They are dedicated pages for each of Beavis Morgan’s products/services, and, again, getting the right keywords in the descriptions is a must here. Visitors can find the Showcase Pages direct from searches, rather than going through the company page, so it is important to make them distinct and ensure that the descriptions are specifically key worded for each separate service/product.

To make the pages visually distinct we used different banners for each one. All the images link thematically to ensure a ‘brand’ feel, but offer different, visually striking imagery related to the product/service. Having these topping the page very quickly establishes Beavis Morgan as a professional and dynamic firm.

All that’s left now is for the company to share their news and updates on the LinkedIn and Facebook pages, giving the best of their website to a new audience who can follow and share the content, attracting new conversions and engagement with prospects.

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