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Okay, okay, first of all, let us apologise for the pun! But with Pinterest becoming an increasingly important tool in your social media strategy, it really is worth investing a little time to make it stand out from the crowd.

So, how do you become (p)interesting? What is it you need to do to make your platform a w(p)inner? (Okay, we’ll stop now!) Here is our -step plan to make sure you can ensure your Pinterest Page really is something to shout about:

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Step 1. Make sure its right for you.

Like all social platforms, the temptation is to jump on the ever moving bandwagon to be part of the ‘next big thing’. The most important first step is ensuring that Pinterest is right for your business to begin with.

If your product or service is visually inspiring and aesthetically interesting chances are you’re on the right track. If perhaps you are selling industrial power sanders or similar, it might be worth passing on. Who are you targeting? Who are your key demographic? Always keep this in mind not just for Pinterest, but for all niche-type networks.

Step 2. Optimise your Images.

Ensure your images are fully optimised by associating each one with great content. Give your users a little something extra with additional related content and information when they click through, such as tutorials or recipes. Not only will people be more likely to give your content a ‘pin’, but also more likely to share not only with friends, but offsite onto other social websites, increasing your chances of a ‘viral’ type effect and your following in one hit.

Step 3. Be inventive.

Pinterest really is only limited by your own creativity, and you can showcase your products and services in any way you can think of. Work on unique infographics (notoriously popular in some industries), post together boards of particular products or categories, display products in unique ‘arty’ ways for mass affect. Even coupons and event flyers can be designed in a bespoke way to attract attention.

Of course, with any imagery or artistry, don’t forget your company branding – Logos, colour schemes. Use this opportunity to show off your brand ‘ personality, something easily done using images and videos. As they say, pictures speak a thousand words – and a thousand words is much more informative than say, 140 characters! Take the opportunity to reel your customers in.

Much like the other social networks, Pinterest can give your customers and clients a real insight into the real ‘company’, a peak behind the curtain and behind the scenes. Take the opportunity to post photos of new developments or design work, company meetings or fun office happenings. Everything has an opportunity for creativity, if you look hard enough.

Step 4. Be competitive.

Interaction and engagement is key on any social platform, and Pinterest is no different – and competitions are a great way of doing so. Invite readers and followers to pin inks and images that inspire them, or invest in a new product, ideas for branding or slogans, or the friendly favourite ‘caption’ contests. 

Everyone loves a freebie and a chance to be part of the action, use your boards to do so accordingly.

Step 5. Get EVERYONE involved.

Whoever your clientele may be, chances are some of them will use Pinterest in one form or another, and there are some great ways of maximising your reach.

Firstly (business permitting) introduce contacts and use the boards as a networking opportunity. You all have the same goal at the end of the day, and sharing contacts and leads especially for small/medium enterprises is a great initiative for starting digital communities you can all benefit from.

Secondly, use Pins to tell client stories, turning case studies into visual boards for people (and potential customers!) to follow and show interest in every step of the way.

Thirdly, either dedicate a board to testimonials, or integrate them as part of your main one. Showcase your work and ask clients to comment and interact. It not only shows a great relationship with existing customers, but a great place to promote services and products in a unique way.

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