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If you have a LinkedIn profile for your business then you may well have created tabs for certain products and services you offer. Due to recent changes to the platform, if you haven’t checked on or updated these recently then they might have stopped working for you.

This is because LinkedIn has started offering Showcase Pages for businesses’ products and services, replacing the older system of tabs for this content. The idea behind these is to encourage companies to target their content at specific audiences – matching potential clients with particular services and products, rather than just the whole company.

This means that the time and effort you put into creating content for LinkedIn is more likely to pay off and reach a receptive audience. LinkedIn users can search for your Showcase Pages and follow them to get all the updates, so you will really build a relationship between your products and clients.

The older LinkedIn Products and Services tabLinkedin Services Tab Web Design


Microsoft’s main LinkedIn profile as it looks now, with Showcase Pages listed on the rightLinkedIn Showcase Page Microsoft


How the dedicated LinkedIn Showcase Page for Microsoft Office looksLinkedIn Showcase Page Web design

However, these pages are a complete replacement for the old tabs system, and so any information you were providing in tabs will have been removed on 14th April 2014.

You will need to start afresh and create Showcase Pages for your services and products (a LinkedIn tech has posted a helpful how to here).

Alternatively, Codastar offer a package where we will design a main company page and 2 Showcase Pages for your products.

If you need any advice or help with this then why not get in contact with us:

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